How You Are As A One-Night Stand (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)


The Aries is kinky AF. They’re fearless. They don’t care what you’ll think of them if they do X, Y, or Z. They’ll bring out the toys, the role-play costumes, and the restraints. They know they’re probably never going to see you again anyway so they’re going to have as much fun with you as they can. There’s two things on their mind, having a good time and achieving that big O.


The Taurus has sex in a one-night stand just like they have sex any other time. They know what they like and they’re sticking to it. They’re not going to try something new or venture outside of their comfort zone to make someone they’ll never see again think they’re fun and exciting. They’re going to do what they do best and it’s what they’ve always done.


The Gemini goes all night. They don’t want it to end. If it’s going to be for just one night they’re going to make the most of it. They don’t care about losing sleep or going to bed, they’ll stay up all night until both parties are satisfied.


The Cancer keeps their one-night stands pretty vanilla. They don’t like having them because they only like to be intimate with the people they know and trust. If they’re going to have a one-night stand they’ll most likely keep it under the covers and they’ll go to the bathroom to put their clothes back on. They don’t like the idea of a stranger seeing them naked.


The Leo will take full control. They’ll flip and position the limbs of their one-night stand every which way and they won’t have a problem giving out instructions. They’re definitely going to keep the lights on because they love being naked. They probably have a mirror somewhere in their bedroom that’s positioned in just the right way so they can see themselves having sex without it being obvious. They just want to know what they look like in each position.


The Virgo is all in their head during a one-night stand. They have trouble enjoying it because they’re concerned with what the other person is thinking about them, which immediately becomes a buzz and boner kill. They’re wondering if this person thinks they’re doing everything wrong or if they’re even enjoying themselves. The Virgo doesn’t particularly like one-night stands.


The Libra likes to make sure their one-night stand is satisfied. They don’t think it’s fair if they’re the only one getting off, so they’ll try their best to make sure whoever they’re sleeping with does too. They’re definitely going to reciprocate, especially if it’s oral, and they’ll put in as much effort as they can.


The Scorpio will be super sensual. They’ll take their time and participate in plenty of foreplay. They’re not going to rush the moment. They’re going to make it hot and heavy. They’ll make their one-night stand want it so badly, they’ll be begging for them to just have sex already, and then they’ll make them orgasm like they never have before.


The Sagittarius sees a one-night stand as an opportunity to try new things. They figure they’re never going to see this person again, so they may as well test out a new position or do something they’ve always wanted to try. They’re the one-night stand that suggests things you’ve never even heard of.


The Capricorn plays it safe. They won’t let you spend the night, and they’ll want you to leave when it’s over so they can maintain their nightly routine. They most likely have to work in the morning and they have no intention of getting brunch with you.


The Aquarius is shy at first, but by the time they’re finished, they want to go again. They’re quiet and reserved, but they have a lot of energy. Once they’re comfortable and warmed up, they let that energy out and have fun.


The Pisces is a romantic one-night stand. They definitely have a sex playlist with super sensual songs that they hope will set the mood. They probably have various candles scattered throughout their bedroom and they’ll take the time to light them before things get started.