How Your Greatest Strength Is Also Your Greatest Weakness, According To Your Zodiac Sign

A person’s greatest strength is often a hint to their greatest weakness. And what you love about someone could be something you also can’t stand. 

This is how your best trait is also your worst according to your zodiac sign. 

Aries – Fiery/impatient

You don’t mess around- you are passionate and determined and pursue everything like there is a fire under your behind. But your fiery temperament can also manifest as impatience. You don’t want to wait, you want things to just happen already. You also may have little patience or tolerance for anyone who doesn’t move at the same pace as you. Practice slowing down before you bulldoze over all the good things in your life. 

Taurus – Resolute/too stubborn 

You know what you want and know what needs to be done. You don’t waver and indecision isn’t your thing. However, this resolution can border on being too stubborn and stuck in your ways. When someone has an alternative idea, you may double down and really dig your heels in… not even considering that someone else’s idea or plan might be better. Practice a little more adaptability giving others the space to be heard. 

Gemini – Flexible/flightiness 

You are on the other extreme of your predecessor, Taurus. Rigidity is not your thing, you are airy and flexible. This can be great at times… who wants to always come against a brick wall? But it can be exasperating at other times when it seems like you just can’t make up your mind. Your flexibility can also lead to flightiness making it hard for others to really trust you

Cancer – Sensitive to the point of oversensitive

You are sensitive and empathetic. You take care of others, you’re a naturally born nurturer. However… it can become a bit much. You may resent people for not reciprocating and start taking things to personally. When you are in this state, you become especially dependent on others to validate you and make you feel good enough but it is never actually enough. Stop martyring yourself and getting upset at those who don’t do the same. 

Leo – Confidence/arrogance

Confidence is a winning trait and you have it in plan tiff supply. This is a strength and is a part of your charm and magnetism… however, it backfires when your confidence turns to arrogance or even worse, narcissism. And this is a slippery slope for you if you don’t keep yourself in check. Practice humility and stepping out of the glow of your own amazing-ness and seeing what others have to offer. 

Virgo – Perfectionism/nitpicking

You have high standards both for yourself and those around you. This can be encouraging and motivating when your heart is in the right place and you’re in a good place internally. It can be utterly maddening when you take it too far and become nitpicking and impossible to please. Usually your need to control the external comes from your own inner turmoil, so focus on getting that under control.  

Libra – Agreeable/people pleasing

You just want everyone to get along and be happy. You are a true pacifist and avoid conflict and tense conversations. That’s well and good, but sometimes you veer into people pleasing territory which leaves you feeling resentful inside. Your tendency to people please is rooted in your need to be appreciated and loved and validated. But these things don’t come from sacrificing your own needs. Don’t be afraid to speak up when something isn’t sitting right with you. If you keep holding it all in, resentment will build. 

Scorpio – Cautious/distrustful 

You are not one to just do things on a whim. You are careful and deliberate and this prevents you from getting into compromising situations. You are not quick to forgive (and sometimes never forgive at al!), and if enough betrayals pile up, you will become increasingly distrustful and suspicious of everything and everyone. In relationships this can lead you to act too controlling and possessive. It also keeps you isolated as you never know who to trust. Practice trusting yourself and knowing you will make the right decisions and if you don’t, you will be OK. You will know how to cope. 

Sagittarius – Adventurous/restless

You love a thrilling adventure and are a true blast to be around. You live for the pursuit of fun and excitement which makes you intoxicating to be around. But idle hands are the devil’s playthings for you and if you’re not bouncing from one adventure to the next you tend to get frustrated and restless. You don’t always need to be moving to have a thrilling life. Sometimes the greatest thrills come during moments of calm and stillness when you can break through your own barriers and come to a deeper understanding of yourself. Learn to treasure those moments in addition to wild, frenetic ones. 

Capricorn – Ambitious/cutthroat

No one has drive and motivation like you. You are a doer and an achiever, always striving for success and to achieve your goals. However if your life becomes solely consumed with your drive and pursuits, you may begin to lose a bit of your humanity and become cutthroat. People are no longer people, they are obstacles getting in the way of what you want. Make an effort to keep your life in balance. There is a time to work… and also a time to play, a time to connect, a time to relate, and most importantly for you, a time to relax

Aquarius –  Independent/cold 

You march tot he beat of your own drum. The conventional way is not the way for you, you take the road less traveled and are proud of it. This works in your favor- you’re a leader and an innovator. But you can also come across as cold, detached, and aloof. Almost like you’re not a real person. You easily get lost in your own head and your own thoughts and can isolate within them if you let yourself fall too deep. Make an effort to maintain your connections and nurture your relationships. Relying on people isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t make you weak. 

Pisces – Sensitive/emotional instability

You are a sensitive soul and it’s a beautiful thing. You care deeply for those around you… almost as the expense of yourself. When you let your emotions run rampant, they can spiral all over the place. You tend to victimize yourself in the story of your life and as soon as you start engaging with those negative thoughts they have a way of utterly consuming and leading you down a bad path. Practice mindfulness. Notice your thoughts and emotions without always engaging with them. Practice being more of an observer so you are not always riding an emotional rollercoaster (and bringing those around. You along for the ride!).