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How Your Love Life Will Change With April’s Venus In Gemini

Venus enters Gemini on April 11th and will stay until May 7th. Venus is the planet of love and sex and Gemini is the sign all about flirting and communicating. This transit will invite new conversations about your relationship and remind you of the power and importance of communication. It might cause chaos in some relationships or excitement and new opportunities for the singles, but either way, this is a period of transformation and intensity for love.

This is how your love life will change with Venus in Gemini, based on your zodiac sign:


You’re the type of person to speak boldly about what you’re feeling and thinking, no matter what. This transit is going to put you in an especially flirty mood, Aries, so during this time, you’re more inclined to send that risky text — or sext. You might even feel more confident in talking to your partner about spicing things up in the relationship.


Whether you’ve faced disappointment or heartache or neglected yourself and your needs in a relationship, now is the time to get back on your feet. Now is the time to reflect on what you want and what you deserve. Know your worth, Taurus. Stand up for yourself.


This is your time to shine! If you’re coupled up, you’re going to find it a lot easier to communicate with your partner about your interests, desires, and needs in the relationship. Or, if you’re single, you’re going to be feeling especially flirty and drawing a lot of attention to you. Get ready, Gemini!


This transit might have you wanting closure from someone. Whether you’ve recently ended a situationship or a toxic relationship, or are wanting to talk to your partner about what’s been bothering you, now is a good time to let go. Talk about how you’re feeling and then let it go — this is how you heal, Cancer.


You’re always looking for love, Leo. This transit is going to invite new connections and conversations like never before. Either you’ll meet someone new on a new dating app or you’ll give in to that flirty connection you’ve been resisting with someone. Let go of anything — or anyone — that doesn’t feel right.


You are feeling especially lucky and confident during this time. Recent recognition and appreciation at work have got you in the best mindset, and this then emits into other areas of your life. There are some flirty eyes on you — don’t shy away from it! Embrace it, Virgo!


You have an idea of what you want your dream life and dream partner to be like. This transit is inspiring you, dear Libra, to really put yourself out there so that you can get all that you’ve dreamed of. For singles, you might be meeting new people, or if coupled, suggesting doing something new in the relationship. You’re feeling risky!


You are usually very intense when it comes to love and sex, but the energy during this transit makes it so much stronger! Scorpio, you’re craving some emotional rawness. If coupled, you and your partner might explore new things in the bedroom, or if single, you might be feeling brave to start something new with that person you’ve been crushing on.


This time might feel extra special for you, Sagittarius. Whether you’re strengthening your relationship or finding it easier to open yourself up to someone new, this transit is inspiring you. It’s bringing harmony into your life and you’re feeling so good about it!


You are more of a realist than a romantic, and you prefer routine over spontaneity. That’s why you — if single — might find a potential partner in your everyday life — work, the gym, a coffee shop, the grocery store. Or, if partnered, you and your person will start incorporating something fun and romantic into your weekly routine. Have fun, Capricorn!


You’ve spent so much time working on yourself and your career, but now, love is in the air! You’re going to either be joining a dating app and going out with a ton of people, or you’ll be deepening your current connection with your partner. Be open to this, Aquarius. You know you’re ready for love now.


You love being vulnerable and talking about your feelings. For you, that’s what life is all about! If you’re single, you’ll want to have more heart-to-hearts. If dating, you’ll be more inclined to take the next big move — meeting the family, going on a vacation, or moving in together. Have fun, Pisces!

Overall, this transit will cause some excitement — both good and bad — in love, sex, and relationships. Get ready!