How Your Rising Sign Creatively Thrives

We all have periods when we struggle to access our creative selves, but you can’t always wait around for inspiration to strike you out of a rut. Using astrology, you can discover the secret energy source you should tap to find your joy. Check your rising sign on your birth chart to learn how you can come to thrive creatively: 

Aries Rising

With Leo in your fifth house of creativity, your most prolific self thrives when you step into the spotlight with confidence. As a natural leader, you need to engage in the kind of creative play that allows you to shine as your authentic self. Let your fiery energy burst forth on stage for everyone to see! 

Taurus Rising

With Virgo in your house of creativity, fun for you is in the details. You might pressure yourself to do everything perfectly the first time, but don’t give in to harsh self-criticism! Learn to set a creative project aside and return to it later for revision and refinement, because this is when your talent truly shows. 

Gemini Rising

You have a special gift in your ability to communicate with ease and, with Libra in your fifth house, you thrive when it comes to collaboration. Even when working on solo projects, you should consult another person when you feel stuck so you can gain full advantage of seeing from a different perspective. 

Cancer Rising

For you, creativity is the ultimate alchemical process. Scorpio sits in your fifth house, so use your artistic expression as a means of transformation. Go ahead and splatter all of your ugliest feelings onto the canvas to see how beautiful they can become. 

Leo Rising

With Sagittarius directing your creativity, you thrive when you allow yourself to explore. Expand your art by taking the time to travel and learn about different ways of being. For you, artistic expression means honoring your inner seeker so you can better understand your role in the vast cosmos. 

Virgo Rising

Serious Capricorn governs your fifth house, meaning you need to climb your creative ladder. When you find an art form that you want to improve upon, you need to stick to it. At first, you might not be the best and you might experience many failures in your endeavors. But when you dedicate yourself and diligently hone your craft, people will eventually wonder how you make it look so easy.

Libra Rising

You thrive when you allow yourself to get a little weird since Aquarius rules your creative house. Tried and true isn’t for you, so be an innovator when it comes to your craft. By figuring out your own methods, you make an invaluable contribution to the collective. 

Scorpio Rising

Artistry comes naturally as a water sign, although you might not even know how or why with Pisces in your fifth house. There’s no method or process, only vibes. You creatively thrive when you go with the flow, adapt, and trust your intuition. Don’t overthink it! 

Sagittarius Rising

With Aries ruling your fifth house, you thrive when you tap into your independent self. Creation is a solo endeavor for you, and you need the freedom to go at your art with vigor. Pursue endeavors that allow you to express the full force of your energy, even if it’s a little messy. 

Capricorn Rising

Creativity is how you unwind with lazy Taurus ruling your fifth house. You’re so used to moving through the world with such a rise-and-grind outlook that you need to be leisurely in your creative process, taking it one step at a time. You especially thrive when indulging the senses. Embrace what brings you pleasure! 

Aquarius Rising

Mercurial Gemini governs your creative house and you thrive when you can share information. By getting social, you will find myriads of inspiration from others. You also may be a gifted writer. So, whip out a journal and see what flows from your pen next time you need a creative fix. Pisces rising: Oh, sensitive Pisces! You absorb so much from the world around you that it can be overwhelming. With Cancer in your fifth house, you need to cultivate a safe space to retreat to when you want to get creative. You will thrive when you feel comfortable in an environment where you can process your emotions.