I Want A Love That’s Stable
Lucas Favre

I Want A Love That’s Stable

I want a love that’s stable. I don’t want fireworks one day and thunderstorms the next. I want my person to treat me with consistency and respect. I want them to be my constant, the one who is never going to leave my side, never leave me hanging, never run away when things get hard.

I want a love that’s durable. A love that I don’t have to question or examine for cracks. I don’t want to waste time wondering whether my person is all-in on the relationship. I want to know they have my back, wholeheartedly. I want assurance they aren’t going anywhere, that they’re in it for the long haul. I want them to be clear about their intentions with me, and to follow through on every whispered promise. 

I want a love that’s consistent. I don’t want unpredictability or volatility mixed into my relationships. I don’t want to wonder which side of someone I’m going to see today, the sweet or the sour. I want someone who is all sweet. Someone who owns up when they make mistakes and puts in the effort to fix them. I want someone who tries to better themselves, bit by bit, so we can grow together instead of grow apart.

I want a love that’s authentic. I want to know my person, inside and out. I want to understand what makes them tick, see straight through to their soul. I want them to feel comfortable coming to me about anything they’re going through, good or bad, and I want the same in return. I want the freedom to spill my heart out to them without censorship, without wondering how they’re going to react or whether I’ll be judged.

I want a love that’s reliable. I want to know my person will be there for me, no matter what problems befall us. I want to know they’ll show up when they’re needed, even when it’s inconvenient, even when it would be so much easier to turn away. I want a person who is dependable, who shows the same level of energy and excitement as I do. 

I want a love that’s reciprocated. I want a partner who is on the same page as me, who can picture a future with me in the frame. I want to know the relationship is not one-sided. I want to know we’re both committed, both dedicated to making this arrangement work.

I want a love that’s always evolving. A love that doesn’t become stale or anchor me in the wrong place. I want a relationship where we’re both supporting each other and encouraging each other to reach our fullest potential. I want a partner who understands they aren’t the only thing in my world that matters, and is okay with it.

I want a love that’s real. A love that redefines what it means to care about another person. I don’t want to stay with someone out of obligation or routine. I want a person who chooses me, every single day, and I choose them, too.