“I Will Leave You If…” Based On Their Birth Order

Here is when they’ll leave you, based on their birth order.

Only Child

“I will leave you if you don’t respect my need for space.”

If you’re dating someone who was an only child, they are used to being independent and doing things their way. They like being on their own and truly do thrive when they are able to spend time solo and invest in their interests. Alone time is incredibly important to people who grew up as only children because it gives them the chance to recharge and reconnect with themselves. And if you do not respect their need for space because you’re constantly blowing up their phone when they’ve communicated they are having alone time, get super jealous when they hangout with their friends, or are constantly demanding more and more of them, trust that the relationship will end.

Oldest Child

“I will leave you if you start holding me back from my dream life.”

If you’re dating someone who was the oldest child, they want someone who has their sh*t together. They want someone with purpose and clear goals. Mostly, though, they want someone who is just as driven as they are. Because they have major dreams for their lives and want to turn those visions into their reality. And if you do not match their ambitious ways and try and hold them back from achieving everything that they want to accomplish, they will leave you guaranteed.

Middle Child

“I will leave you if you don’t know how to compromise.”

If you’re dating someone who was the middle child, fairness is everything to them. They want a balanced, healthy partnership that is based on a foundation of communication, respect, love, and compromise. They need to see that you’re willing to meet them halfway and work through problems from a solution-oriented, caring mindset. If you demand that everything goes your way, know that they will be on their way out the door before you can stop them.

Youngest Child

“I will leave you if you don’t prioritize me.”

If you’re dating someone who was the youngest child, they know their worth and aren’t willing to settle for anyone who doesn’t celebrate everything that they are. They want to be loved fully and know that they are being prioritized in their relationship. This is how they’ll know they are truly being appreciated. If you constantly put everything and everyone else before them, they will absolutely leave you to find someone who will put them first.


“I will leave you if start comparing me to your exes.”

If you are dating someone who was a twin or part of a set of multiples, they are very sensitive to comparison. Growing up, they were always needing to measure up to their siblings after all. And so, if you start comparing constantly them to your exes, they will begin to feel deeply insecure. Eventually, it will become too much for them and they’ll end the relationship because they will no longer trust you.