Jeff Isy

Is Your July 2024 Horoscope Accurate?

Here is the astrological report for July 2024. For daily horoscopes, refer here.


The Universe is urging you to slow down, smell the flowers, and rest easy through July 21st, when the Sun makes its way through your 4th House of Domesticity. On July 5th, the New Moon in Cancer could prompt you to relocate to a beautiful place near the water. Alternately, a roommate or relative may join your household. Mars, your ruler, moves into talkative Gemini on the 20th, kicking your social life into high gear. The Full Moon rises in Capricorn on the 21st, bringing exciting career news that may take you away from home.


Working with fellow creatives on July 2nd could be very lucrative, thanks to a trine between Venus, your ruler, and businesslike Saturn. The New Moon on the 5thprompts someone to send a loving message that makes your heart soar. Friendship could turn to romance very easily on the 11th, courtesy of the Venus-Neptune trine. The 15th is perfect for changing your look or pushing yourself into an unfamiliar arena; you’ll get heaped with praise on this magical day. It may be necessary to rearrange travel plans on the 21st, thanks to some Full Moon drama. Be flexible! An oppressive work situation could prompt you to launch a home-based business on the 23rd. 


Mercury’s entry to your 3rd House of Communication on the 2nd showcases your warmth, charm, and intelligence—your powers of persuasion will be off the charts this month. Interviewing for a dream job at the beginning of July could result in a lucrative job offer on the 5th, thanks to the New Moon lighting up your 2nd House of Earned Income. On the 20th, dynamic Mars enters your 1st House of Identity, making you a magnetic object of desire. The Full Moon on the 21st could find you paying a big bill, possibly related to a dream trip. 


This is your time to shine, Cancer! On the 2nd, you could book a seaside trip, get accepted to an impressive school, or receive an offer to publish a piece of writing. Celebrate in style on the 5th, when the New Moon marks an abundant fresh start for you. A friend could give you a beautiful gift on the 15th—this tribute could prompt you to pursue a cherished dream. The Full Moon on the 21st creates tension with your best friend, business partner, or significant other. Instead of leaping to satisfy their demands, pamper yourself outrageously. 


You’re waiting in the wings, ready to make a grand entrance on the world stage. If you’re looking for love or work, start sending signals on the 2nd, when communicative Mercury showcases your star power. The New Moon on the 5thbrings a welcome chance to relax, release, and reflect—go on vacation, get a massage, or enjoy a spa day. Alluring Venus moves into your 1st House of Identity on the 11th, turning you into a virtual love magnet. On the 21st, the Full Moon could prompt you to abandon a job or chore that offends your dignity. The Sun, your ruler, moves int your sign on the 22nd, strengthening your manifestation powers. Don’t let a glum person in your inner circle steal your joy on the 23rd—there’s no time for regrets now that Leo season has begun!


Mercury, your ruler, forms a supportive trine to idealistic Neptune on the 2nd, making it a great time to interview for a dream job, perhaps for the second time. On the same day, Mercury moves into your 12th House of Spirituality, inviting you to think deeply about what you really want to manifest this summer. Tell a new story, filling in as many glorious details as possible. Be sure to attend a party on the 5th, when the New Moon could send a sexy new love interest your way. Throw caution to the wind on the 15th and go on a last-minute trip; you’ll have a blast! On the 21st, the Full Moon could prompt someone to have a childish temper tantrum, resulting in a great career opportunity for you. Mercury moves into your sign on the 25th, helping you to captivate audiences wherever you go. 


On the 2nd, Venus, your ruler, trines taskmaster Saturn, resulting in a big commission or bonus. The New Moon on the 5th marks an exciting career opportunity, possibly involving art, cosmetics, fashion, or gourmet food. Your social life assumes a glamorous vibe starting on the 11th, when Venus moves into your 11th House of Friendship. Mars moves into your 9th House of Justice on the 20th, helping you prevail in legal matter. Don’t let an uptight relative denigrate your career choices on the 21st, when the Full Moon creates tension on the family front. Mental Mercury moves into your 12th House of Introspection on the 25th, inviting you to update your journal and vision board.


Scorpio will be somebody’s favorite flavor on the 2nd, when a Mercury-Neptune trine finds you building castles in the air with an enchanting love interest. Striking a healthy life-work balance may seem impossible on the 3rd, due to an opposition between Mercury and Pluto. Fortunately, the New Moon on the 5th brings a marvelous opportunity to play, prompting you to give serious thought to quitting your job. Don’t freak out on the 21st, when the Full Moon brings distressing news about additional work hours. On the same day, a trine between assertive Mars and transformational Pluto drops a fabulous career opportunity in your lap, letting you work from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but the Sun’s entry to your 10th House of Professionalism on the 23rd shows that your new boss will roll out the red carpet for you.


Home is where the heart is on the 2nd, when idealistic Neptune retrogrades in your 4th House of Domesticity. This is a great time to go through old family photos or tell a new, empowering story about your upbringing. The New Moon on the 5thbrings in a big bonus or payout, allowing you to splash out on some beautiful luxuries. A health treatment could bring instant, unexpected relief on the 15th, causing you to cry out with happiness. A financial shortfall caused by the Full Moon on the 21st will be offset by your business or romantic partner’s good fortune; stay calm about money. The 25th marks a great time to go on job interviews, thanks to communicative Mercury’s entry to your 10th House of Professionalism.


Someone whispers enticing words of love to you on the 2nd, thanks to a trine between seductive Venus and Saturn, your ruling planet. Your personal life provides a welcome distraction from financial concerns on the 3rd, when someone tries to get out of paying money that they owe. You’ll be too happy to worry about anything on the 5th, when the New Moon brings thrilling news of an engagement or marriage. You could receive an expensive token of someone’s appreciation on the 10th; rejoice! Let your partner sweep you off your feet on the 15th, when you could be whisked away on a surprise trip. The Full Moon on the 21st warns against assuming additional responsibilities; fill your time with activities that give you joy, rather than drain your energy.


You could get a second chance to earn money doing something you love on the 2nd, when idealistic Neptune goes retrograde in your 2nd House of Earned Income. Don’t be too hard on your best friend or romantic partner on the 3rd, when their good-natured teasing offends your dignity. The New Moon on the 5th allows you to strike a healthier life-work balance, letting you enjoy more time with loved ones…including pets! A miraculous career opportunity could be offered to you on the 15th—this is your chance to adopt a much more rewarding lifestyle. Don’t let the Full Moon on the 21st fill you with senseless fears; stepping into your power will be a lot more fun that you think.


Your love life causes a huge glow-up on the 2nd, when a serious suitor makes you an irresistible offer. If you haven’t met someone who makes your pulse pound, go out on the 5th, when the New Moon draws an attentive admirer into your orbit. Your allure is irresistible on the 11th, thanks to a trine between seductive Venus and Neptune, your ruling planet; take this time to wrap a powerful person right around your little finger. A jealous friend could show their true colors on the 21st, when the Full Moon illuminates just how resentful they really are. It’s time to prune your social circle.