Never Apologize About Putting In Effort

Never Apologize About Putting In Effort

You might feel bad about yourself because you’re always the one who cares more. You keep getting trapped in one-sided relationships where you offer so much more than you’re given in return. It’s frustrating when you aren’t given the recognition you deserve, let alone the attention and love destined for you.  

Although this isn’t the way healthy relationships should work, you should never feel bad about putting effort into someone who matters to you. You aren’t stupid for giving a relationship your all. You aren’t foolish for thinking that this person might return the effort you’ve been putting in every waking day. It’s beautiful that your heart is so open. It’s brave that you go out of your way for others when they won’t always do the same for you. The amount of effort you put in shows what a soft-hearted, kind person you are. It shows how selfless and loving you can be – and those traits will be appreciated once you find the right person.

The right person is going to thank you for the hard work you put into the relationship, not only with their words, but with their actions. They will reciprocate your energy, your effort, your unwavering support. They will make sure you feel appreciated. They will acknowledge how much you do for your family. They won’t take advantage of how far you’ll go to make others happy. They won’t use your generosity against you. They’ll cherish these qualities in the way that your old loves should have cherished them.  

Never apologize for putting in effort. The fact that you care so much should be admired. Even though there are people in this world who want to come across as coldhearted and closed-off, that isn’t an aspiration you should strive to reach. You don’t want to push people away and isolate yourself. You don’t want to assume the worst from every human you meet. You’re doing the right thing by being so warm and welcoming. You’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position, but you’re doing it because you know there are kind, beautiful people on this planet who deserve all the love in the world. You’re one of those people, so please, don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Even though putting in effort comes naturally to you, you shouldn’t stay in a relationship where you’re doing all the heavy lifting. You shouldn’t accept the minimum amount of effort from someone else when you’re giving them everything in your heart. Remember, it’s not your fault if you end up in a one-sided relationship, but you owe it to yourself to leave. You owe it to yourself to find someone who is going to put in just as much effort as you do.

You deserve someone who is going to go out of their way for you, even when it’s inconvenient. Someone who is going to make you feel loved and valued every day you spend together. Someone who is going to put effort into making you feel comfortable, making you feel beautiful, and making you feel like the relationship is equal.