Never Settle For These 6 Types Of One-Sided Relationships

Never Settle For These 6 Types Of One-Sided Relationships

If you want to be happy, you need to be careful about who you surround yourself with on a daily basis. You need to be selective about who you let into your heart and your phone. Here are a few types of one-sided relationships that you should never settle for:

People who never give you the opportunity to speak. If they ramble on for hours about everything going on in their life, but they never stop to check in on how you’re doing, the relationship is one-sided. You’re more than a pair of ears, a shoulder to lean on. They should be as interested in what you have to say as they are in spilling their whole life story. If you never get the chance to contribute, then there’s a chance they care more about having anyone around than having you around specifically.   

People who put in zero effort to see you. You shouldn’t be the only one rearranging your schedule in order to make time to hang out. They should be trying to find a time that works for you both, so the situation is fair. They shouldn’t expect you to figure out a way to work around their schedule. They shouldn’t expect you to drop everything to see them when they aren’t willing to inconvenience themselves even a little for you.

People who are selfish in bed. You deserve pleasure, too. Your partner isn’t the only one who should be benefitting from what you do in the bedroom. If they only care about what they get out of the situation, and never puts any energy into making you feel good, then it’s a problem. It’s a one-sided relationship.

People who treat you like their babysitter. In a balanced relationship, you’re both putting in effort. You’re both doing chores and taking on responsibilities so that there’s not one person doing all the work. However, if your partner expects you to do all the cooking and cleaning and never lifts a finger to help, it’s unfair to you. You are their equal. Their teammate. Not their mother or babysitter.

People who make you beg for their attention. Your partner should be happy to spend quality time with you, to text you first, to make you feel special. If they only give you the bare minimum in order to keep you around, and expect you to beg for any type of affection, you are in the wrong relationship.  You shouldn’t have to give them reasons to pay attention to you. They should do it naturally.

People who are hypocritical about boundaries. You shouldn’t stay with someone who gets angry when you spend time with your friends, even though they are always out with their friends. Or someone who accuses you of cheating when you so much as glance at someone else even though they’re always flirting right in front of you. Jealousy isn’t a good look, and it’s even worse when they’re being hypocritical. When they’re allowed to do whatever they want while expecting you to follow their rules.