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Ranking The Zodiac Signs Most To Least Compatible With An Aries


Geminis are quick-witted and always on the move. Aries appreciates their flexibility and willingness to try new things. Geminis aren’t put off by Aries’ boldness, and Aries loves the intellectually stimulating conversations they have with Gemini. They both value learning new things and embracing life in the moment. Gemini and Aries both don’t take themselves or others too seriously, and both want others to hear and take an interest in their ideas. They want to be appreciated and have the freedom to do something entirely different if they feel like it. These two never feel restricted when they’re together.


Leo and Aries are both fire signs, and as such, already have a level of familiarity. While both of these signs tend to want to take charge and are natural-born leaders, there is a sense of respect between them. Aries admires Leo’s determination and how they strive for greatness. Leo loves the passion and drive of Aries. Plus, both Leo and Aries thrive when their partner gives them attention and encourages them- which both signs are known to do in their relationships.


Another fire sign match, Sagittarius and Aries find themselves drawn together relatively easily. Both signs value independence and a desire for adventure, even if, at times, they look a little different. Sagittarius loves Aries’ spontaneity and passion, and Aries loves the blunt nature of Sagittarius and the ability not to take things so seriously. Sagittarius also enjoys having stimulating conversations that probe a little deeper, and Aries thrives off that balance.


This is a solid case of opposites attract, but it works well for these two. Aries is undoubtedly more of an adventurer and desires freedom. In contrast, Taurus is more than content staying within their comfort level and believes they have everything they already need. However, these two balance and challenge each other in the process. Despite Taurus’ hesitancy to venture out, they are also straightforward about what they want, Which Aries appreciates. Even though Aries may be one to get heated quickly and lash out, Taurus isn’t willing to put up with their nonsense and will call them on it, which Aries respects. When these two set aside their stubbornness and take the time to listen to each other, they make a great team.


Aquarius and Aries are two signs that value authenticity and exploration- though Aquarius is more concerned with exploring the mind, whereas Aries leans more towards physical exploration. These two can trust each other easily but can have some trouble with the amount of passion in their relationships. Aries can be a bit bold and forward in their approach, and Aquarius likes the directness but can be taken aback by the power behind it. Aquarius signs are passionate about the world around them, and at times Aries may want to join them in this. They also long for Aquarius to focus attention on them occasionally. Given their ability to communicate, this match has strong potential.


Who knows and Aries better than another Aries? While these two won’t have as much of a problem understanding each other, there are still some potential issues. Aries signs are stubborn and tend to want to move past problems quickly, so if neither sign is willing to pause and have actual conversations about their relationships, things can go downhill fast. However, Aries signs love having someone who understands their boldness and doesn’t try to tame them. Two Aries can be a great match or a potential explosion, depending on the pair.


Aries and Libra look quite different on the outside, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have potential. Aries enjoys taking charge and making decisions, something Libra struggles with and admires in them. Libras are great at keeping the peace and viewing all sides of a situation, which helps Aries when they are too fixated on one particular aspect. Communicating can be tiring for both. At times, they may feel like they are just too different- but if they can learn to respect each other care for the other’s boundaries, it definitely could be an intriguing match.


Capricorn and Aries share some similarities but don’t often agree on how to go about things. Both Aries and Capricorn like to take charge and get things going, but Aries often doesn’t finish what they started- which frustrates Capricorns. Capricorns are a bit more reserved and take time to open up and let their other sides show, which can be annoying to an Aries who is impatient waiting. These two respect each other’s determination but making a match work can be difficult if they can’t find some serious common ground.


These two have a hard time fully getting each other, and the dynamic shows. Cancers require a gentle partner with their emotions and seek to understand them on an emotional level, which Aries has trouble doing. Aries wants a partner who is always ready to adventure and have a good time, which Cancer can hesitate about at times. Aries can be a bit harsh for Cancer’s liking, and Cancers are often jumping ahead into the future and planning out their lives which can be stressful for and Aries trying to stay in the moment. At times this pairing can feel more like a parent/child dynamic where Cancer is scolding Aries for not being serious enough, and Aries resents Cancer for being too grounded. If these two can communicate about their wants and needs, it could potentially work, but it takes a lot of effort.


Pisces and Aries can initially feel intense attraction- Pisces are intuitive and creative, and Aries are passionate and ingenuitive. Pisces are sometimes drawn to people as a muse- and Aries boldness and over-the-top gestures are perfect inspiration. However, digging underneath the surface can prove challenging. Pisces are sentimental and don’t always handle Aries’ blunt nature well, though they try to understand it. Pisces also have a struggle of feeling their needs don’t matter as much as others- which is quite different from Aries’ approach of going after what they want/need without hesitation. Aries can sometimes steamroll Pisces into doing what they believe is best, and Pisces may feel like they can’t speak up and risk bruising Aries’ ego. These two may feel drawn together, but they need to trust each other before this match could work fully.


Virgo and Aries tend to have recurring issues that are hard to work through without serious effort. Virgos thrive on stability and patience, which aren’t two strengths Aries bears well. Aries are always ready to do something different, which is frustrating for a Virgo who wants to see things through rather than abandoning them. Virgos are often trying to reach the root of an issue. They will continue talking about it until it’s solved- something Aries gets frustrated by since they would rather move on. Virgos hold quite a bit of patience, but if they feel they aren’t appreciated, they will pick fights with Aries, and if the same issues keep reappearing, the Aries would much rather leave than grow bored with the same tired arguments.


Aries and Scorpio both hold a great deal of passion, but the similarities stop about there. Scorpio is a sign that is all in when they care for someone, and while Aries may initially dive in, they may change their minds the next day. Scorpios thrive on knowing someone will stick around, and Aries refuses to make any promises- they feel like it’s attacking their freedom to do so. These two also aren’t afraid to lash out at each other when angry, and while the argument may blow over for Aries, it won’t for Scorpio. Scorpios want to feel safe and understood, and Aries want to feel independent and admired. If these two can learn to value each other’s priorities, then there is a chance, but it isn’t an easy pairing.