Read This When You Find Yourself In The Wrong Relationship
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Read This When You Find Yourself In The Wrong Relationship

Here are some poetic reminders when you find yourself in the wrong relationship:

1. Love them enough to release them. Love them enough to give them a shot at a relationship that will actually work. And love yourself enough to do the same.

2. You can’t heal when you’re still in the same toxic situation. You need to get yourself out before the real healing can begin. Step one is escape. Step two is restore.

3. If you want to change your life, you need to overcome your fear of losing people. You need to stop making decisions based on what you’re supposed to do, what will ruffle the least amount of feathers, what will make others celebrate you and shower you in approval. Stop hiding your real thoughts to make yourself more palatable to others, to increase their comfort while disregarding your own. The right people won’t abandon you after witnessing your truth. They will appreciate your transparency and vulnerability, and will love you even harder. Yes, you will lose certain people when you stop letting them walk over you, but they will be the wrong people. The people who didn’t deserve you anyway.

4. You’re not a fool for missing out on the all-caps signs, the stinging red flags waving in front of your face. You didn’t want to see them, so your brain didn’t let it happen. Your mind rebelled against you in its efforts to protect you. But your old self is irrelevant. Your resurrection is what matters now. You’ve been shaken awake after all this time, and that’s a cause for celebration. You get to decide what shape your world takes next. Will you let it keep shrinking? Or will it stretch and expand?

5. You were pressured to pick what career you wanted in high school, so is it really that surprising that you rushed to pick a person? That you assumed the first long-term relationship you had was a perfect fit? You were bombarded by princes and princesses in your storybooks before you learned how to read. You were convinced that marriage was a milestone you were required to meet. It’s no wonder you mutilated yourself to fit into the mold set out for you. You can’t blame yourself for tripping down the wrong path. You never even knew there was an alternate route.

6. Never be afraid to tell others that their behavior is making you uncomfortable. Never silence your emotions to prevent drama or keep the peace. Remember, you’re not the one creating the problem. You’re the one acknowledging it.

7. Your procrastination is a knife slowly twisting in your gut, bleeding you dry. You’re killing yourself slowly. Deliberately. Maybe not physically. But emotionally. You’re killing your excitement. Killing your happiness. Killing your potential. You need to let them go in order to be reborn again.

8. You don’t owe anyone the feel of your body. The beating of your heart. The tick-tick-tick of the minute hand. Don’t let anyone guilt trip you into giving them more than you’re interested in giving. Don’t stay because you forgot that leaving was even an option.