Monica Turlui

Sometimes You Have To Let Go Of Your Expectations To Make Room For The Universe’s Plans

Sometimes you have to let go. Let go of expectations and dreams. Sometimes you have to let go of plans and hopes. Sometimes you have to let go of the things you thought you wanted. Sometimes you have to let go of people you wanted so bad to be around forever.

Why is that? Well, two reasons come to mind. The first reason is that sometimes you have to let things fall apart in order to let better things fall into place. Sometimes you have to let go of expectations so that something better can happen instead. They say everything happens for a reason. What if it’s all leading somewhere great? What if you have to get through the bad so that you can find the great? Maybe it’s all a plan. Maybe the universe has a plan for us.

And sometimes, unfortunately, we have to have our hearts shattered—and when I say shattered, I mean it. I mean so broken you can’t even breathe. Sometimes we have to fall on our knees under the weight of heartbreak in order to find someone who truly loves us. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why can’t I just have the good that I deserve? Why do I have to hurt? Why do I have to have my heart broken into 10,000 pieces? Well, there’s a concept called balance. We have to have some bad in order for good to happen. We have to understand that’s how the universe works. See, the universe has 12 Laws. We have to understand and follow those Laws. These laws exist to give us balance.

We have to understand that. Sometimes it’s hard, believe me. I know how difficult it can be. Sometimes I wish I could look into a crystal ball and see my future and plan accordingly. But unfortunately, I cannot. I have to live out the story that’s been written for me.