Anna Tarazevich

Tarotscope For Today: Monday, February 26, 2024


Your card: Ten of Wands, reversed

You’re taking on too much today, Aries—but this burden doesn’t have to be yours. You’re used to being independent and feel like you have the strength to carry the world on your shoulders, and maybe you do, but that doesn’t mean you should. This isn’t your problem to bear alone. Start saying “no” when necessary and swallow your pride for long enough to ask for help, because there’s nothing wrong with leaning on others.


Your card: Three of Cups, reversed

Today you might find yourself turning inward, Taurus—for some reason, you aren’t feeling particularly social, and you’d rather go at it alone. It’s possible you’re no longer feeling at home with your friend group, or it might just be that you need some time to recuperate from the chaos of life. Whatever it may be, take this as a sign to take a step back and get some much needed R&R. It’s okay to cancel plans every once in a while, and today just might be the time to do so.


Your card: The Tower

You might feel a bit shaken up today, Gemini—things seem to be falling apart, and it might feel like nothing is going right. Truthfully, this card sometimes points to the most difficult moments of our lives, but not without a purpose. This is one of those moments where the trials in our lives happen for a reason, because once the dust settles, you’ll be able to move forward on the right path, no longer held back to the things that may have been weighing you down. Just be sure to take it easy today—this energy can be overwhelming, so take care of yourself and remember that there are better days up ahead.


Your card: Ace of Wands, reversed

You have a lot of energy today, Cancer, but unfortunately, it may leave you doomed to feel restless and directionless. You may feel inspired, but you don’t necessarily know what to do with these ideas or how to logically implement them. It may not necessarily even be your fault—you may be met with delays that are out of your control or roadblocks you didn’t see coming. Either way, this is an incredibly frustrating, agitating energy—just be sure you don’t act out recklessly and instead focus on the things you have the power to control.


Your card: King of Cups, reversed

You’re so used to putting yourself out in the world, Leo, but today is about your inner world—your emotions and self-care needs. You do well in the limelight, but you aren’t always so great at stepping back and doing what’s best for you. Today, it’s important to focus on what you need—have you been stressed out lately? More reactive than usual? Particularly upset over a situation? Really take the time to check in on yourself, then reflect on why you might be feeling the way you are and what you can do to care for yourself best.


Your card: The Magician, reversed

Today, you might be getting in your own way, Virgo. You have things you want, but for some reason, you aren’t putting in the action necessary to get them. Instead, you’re overthinking, uncertain, and hesitant, and because of that, your goals feel impossibly far away. Today is a good day to figure out exactly what you want and what you’re willing to do to get them, because otherwise, you might not get anywhere with it. Set up smaller, realistic goals that will lead up to your bigger one, then take the leap.


Your card: Queen of Wands

You’re full of energy today, Libra—you’re feeling passionate, inspired, and ready to take on the world. You want to share this wonderful energy with those around you, and you’re likely to gain a little following of people who want to help you execute your vision. Embrace this spark fully and allow yourself to explore the opportunities that pop up for you today—you might be surprised where they’ll take you.


Your card: Queen of Swords

You in control today, Scorpio. Not only do you have big leader energy going on, but you’re also sharper than usual, ready to cut through people’s BS and get right to the truth of the matter. Nothing and no one can stand in your way, which is mostly a good thing—just be careful that you don’t cut down people who don’t deserve it along the way.


Your card: Ten of Cups, reversed

Today, you may feel a bit disillusioned, Sagittarius. Where you expected connection and harmony, you’re starting to realize you’re only finding distance and disappointment. It might be that you went into the situation with too high of expectations, or it may just be that you’re trying to fit the wrong person into a mold that you think your relationships should look like. Whatever it is, things aren’t turning out the way you hoped. The best thing to do here might be to examine why you feel that way and if the problem is something external—you being with the wrong person or in the wrong situation—or internal—your expectations and hopes getting the best of you.


Your card: The World

Today is a time period of completion for you, Capricorn—you might be finishing up a project, closing on an important deal, or putting an end to a difficult situation so you can finally move past it. Whatever it is, you’re ready to close the chapter and bask in your success, as you deserve! There will be new beginnings and new challenges right around the corner, but today, really reflect on the work you’ve done and be proud of where you are.


Your card: King of Pentacles

Everything you touch turns to gold today, Aquarius. You’ve got the Midas touch, and even you might be surprised at how success finds you so easily. This is a great energy to turn toward projects you want to build on, opportunities you’re interested in going forward with, and relationships you want to thrive. Enjoy it—you’re building your empire.


Your card: Ace of Swords, reversed

Today, you’ll be exploring your inner world a lot, Pisces—which is, of course, nothing new to you. You’re rethinking old ideas, searching for greater clarity in past situations, or ruminating over a creative pursuit that might need some fine-tuning. Now is the time to ask yourself what you really want, what the end goal is, and the actionable steps to get there—and to figure out if there’s any missing pieces you need to get figured out before you really commit to it.