Jeff Isy

The Age Range You’re Most Likely To Meet Your Soulmate, Based On Your Birth Order


As a firstborn child, they have always had a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. This innate drive for success may delay their search for a soulmate, as they first need to establish a strong foundation in their career and personal life. The likely age to meet their soulmate is between 33 and 37, when they have gained experience and wisdom to make thoughtful choices in your relationships.

Middle Child

Middle children have a unique position in the family, as they’re often the peacemakers and negotiators. Their ability to empathize and adapt makes them excellent partners. For middle children, the soulmate search may be filled with a series of meaningful relationships, ultimately leading them to their true love. The most likely age for middle children to meet their soulmate is between 32 and 36, when they’ve discovered a balance between their personal and relationship needs.


The youngest siblings often have a carefree, adventurous spirit that makes them open to new experiences, including love. They’re likely to meet their soulmates when they’re least expecting it, often during a period of personal exploration and growth. For last-borns, the ideal age to meet their soulmate ranges from 20 to 25, as they’re more willing to embrace spontaneity and take risks in love.

Only Child

Only children, accustomed to solitude and independence, may take longer to find their soulmate, as they carefully evaluate their relationships. The ideal age for only children to find their soulmate is between 28 and 32, when they have reached a level of emotional maturity that allows them to foster a deep and lasting connection.


Twins share a unique bond, which can influence their romantic lives in intriguing ways. Identical twins may feel a strong connection to their sibling, seeking a partner who complements their twin’s personality. Non-identical twins, on the other hand, may be attracted to partners who offer a sense of individuality and contrast. The ideal age for twins to meet their soulmate is between 23 and 28, as they navigate the balance between their close sibling relationship and their desire for a romantic partner.