Asdrubal Luna

The Age You’ll Meet Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We can meet many kinds of soulmates throughout our lives. Some touch our hearts briefly and others lead to a long-lasting love. Here is the age you’ll likely meet a romantic soulmate most compatible with you. 


You are most likely to meet a soulmate in your late twenties, after you’ve had some fun getting to know what type of person you like to date and what kind of person you’d enjoy settling down with and becoming more established in your career. Enjoy flirting and mingling and don’t rush yourself. Make sure this person is healthy for you, observe their long-term behavior in different situations and pace yourself before you rush into any commitment. You deserve a soulmate who is aligned with your goals and dreams, not a toxic relationship that depletes you.


You’re likely to meet a healthy soulmate in your late thirties – after you’ve already explored and grown within, lived more of your life and “sown your wild oats” so to speak. This maturity will give you the discernment to suss out who is right for you in a heartbeat. However, you will always stay wild and free, and a compatible partner will love and appreciate this side of you. 


You’re the sign most likely to have multiple soulmates to choose from when it comes to settling down and will usually meet some good candidates if you want long-lasting partnership from your late twenties to early thirties. You’re in no rush for commitment, so take your time and be selective and aware of any red flags or incompatibilities. Live your life and flourish in your soul purpose, and this will allow you to only settle down if your partner adds value to your life and wants to take adventures with you. You deserve the perfect partner for you – someone who adores how multifaceted you are, celebrates your talents and intellect, and genuinely admires you. 


You have a soulmate for each life stage of your life, Cancer. Whether it’s your high school sweetheart in your teens or your fiancé in your early thirties, each soulmate relationship has made you more prepared for long-lasting love. However, it’s likely you’ll meet the most fulfilling soulmate when you’ve gained more financial and emotional independence so you’re not as dependent on your romantic relationships to fulfill you. 


You are a sign that undergoes rapid transformation and rebirth at least once a month. As a result, you mature very quickly and tend to be an old soul, having learned life lessons much more quickly than other people. You will likely meet your soulmate in your mid-to-late twenties, and you will know they are the one when both of you can encourage each other’s personal growth in healthy ways and celebrate each other’s wins. 


You will likely meet your soulmate in your mid-thirties as you become more established in your career and self-esteem. As you harness your sensitivity and empathy with more discernment and boundaries, you will become more drawn to healthy partnerships that will truly satisfy you. 


You may commit to many people throughout your lifetime, but you’ll be on what seems like an eternal search for a true soulmate, one who fulfills you intellectually, spiritually, and physically. You might meet a few romantic soulmates in your early thirties but meet “the one” later in life when you’ve established a healthy balance between boundaries and vulnerability. 


As the sign of home and hearth, you may be tempted to settle down with the first romantic soulmate you meet in your early twenties, but this can leave you vulnerable to heartbreak if they’re not the right partner for you. Slow down and live more of your life so you can learn what kind of partner will really fulfill you in life – someone who will be just as devoted to you as you are to them.


It may feel like it’s never the right time to meet a soulmate, Capricorn – and your life may be focused on your work. In the early stages of your life, it’s a good move to focus on your career and find fulfillment within. But if you do find that you’re yearning for a partner later in your life, your late thirties are a great time to build with a compatible soulmate. 


You will likely meet your soulmate much earlier in life than most like your mid-twenties, but you may not be ready to unite or settle down with them until you’ve done more soul-searching, introspection, and individual growth. Focus on abundance in other aspects of your life like finances, soul purpose and career and abundance in love will present itself in numerous opportunities throughout your life. 


Your perfectionism may make you quite rigid about your standards about your soulmate, which might cause some delay on your journey to the right romantic soulmate. Delay may be a good thing as it will prevent you from settling for the wrong one. You will meet some eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in your late twenties to early thirties, but it’s up to you decide whether they fit the lifestyle and future that is aligned with your needs.


Your soulmate journey will be an exquisite one, Leo, with plenty of options – but you may find yourself pulling away from commitment throughout your twenties and thirties and only settling down with a compatible romantic partner at later life stages.