The Best Spells + Rituals For Scorpio Season 2023

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What Is Scorpio Season All About? 

Scorpio’s traditional ruler is ambitious and competitive Mars, named after the god of war. It’s the planet of action, passion, drive, and sexuality. In modern astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is named after the god of the underworld. Pluto is all about destruction, regeneration, depth, power, the occult, and all that’s hidden beneath the surface. The eighth house is linked to the sign of Scorpio. This house rules death and rebirth, taboos, sex, emotional intimacy, traumas, deep emotional wounds, fears, and shared resources—it’s a house of deep transformation, sharing, and bonding. Scorpio must be given grace for their reputation as the most intense sign of the zodiac—they’re associated with and deal with profoundly heavy themes. This zodiac sign has died, gone to hell and back, and been reborn countless times in their lives. 

Scorpio season brings profound and life-altering energy into our lives. It arrives to take us by the hand and escort us into the underworld, forcing us to confront that which is hidden—whether we want to look it in the face or not. What things have you been ignoring? What things have been omitted to you by others? What feelings are begging to rise to the surface? What old wounds have you repressed or suppressed? Scorpio season is here to lift the veil on all those things and challenge us to work through them. 

Now is the time to emotionally purge and surrender. Now is the time to release all of that which is not in alignment with our truest selves. Now is the time to let go of situations and relationships that are holding us back. What and who are you dedicating your time and effort to? Are they worthy of your energy? Embrace change and let go of what’s not meant for you. Is the way you’re living your life now conducive to giving you the life you desire?

We must use this season of self-discovery and transformation as an introspective period, dive into the depths of our psyche, and reflect. This season is all about recognizing and overcoming personal obstacles so that we can emerge like a phoenix from the ashes as a new and better version of ourselves. It’s an ideal time to work through our traumas in order to get closer to breaking free from our past. Now is also a period to face our shadow traits. We must demand answers to profound questions from ourselves. We must ask the same of others if we want to deepen our most intimate relationships. 

This season of regeneration is all about reclaiming what is real and powerful inside of us. It’s about alchemy—transmuting that which is dark or negative into something with power. To do so, we must work on our self-limiting beliefs and lean into the unknown. We must connect with our hearts’ true passions, our creativity, allow ourselves to feel, and let go of any shame keeping us hostage. This season of death is beautiful because it grants us an opportunity of rebirth. 

What Scorpio Teaches Us

  • You will always rise from the ashes. 
  • Negative energy can be transmuted into power.
  • All energy can be transformed into something tangible.
  • Every ending has a new beginning.
  • Always follow your passions.
  • Your gut instinct never lies.
  • Your intuition can guide you through chaos.
  • Never be apologetic for claiming your power.
  • Own and be empowered by your sexuality.
  • Our shadow selves aren’t “bad”—they’re natural parts of who we are. 
  • Doing shadow work means developing self-awareness.
  • Don’t be afraid of exploring your depth of darkness (or rising above it).
  • Be fiercely loving and protective of those you love.
  • There is power in surrender.
  • Old fears can be transformed into new powers.
  • Our biggest weaknesses can become our biggest strengths. 
  • You are not your trauma.
  • The pain of being reborn is no worse than the fear. 

Things to Do During Scorpio Season

  • Change your look
  • Dye your hair 
  • Spend time in or near water 
  • Bath spells
  • Shadow work and journaling
  • Divination and Tarot 
  • Dig deep into your emotions 
  • Confront your fears
  • Embrace your sexuality 
  • Kegel exercises
  • Connect with your ancestors and spirit guides
  • Communicate with the dead
  • Build an altar for your ancestors and deceased loved ones

Below you can discover the best spells and rituals to perform during the intense and regenerative Scorpio season. 

Astrological events to consider: A partial lunar eclipse in Taurus is happening on October 28th. Please do take into consideration that witches and astrologers generally advise to stay away from spellcasting and manifestation during eclipses because of their chaotic, destructive, and unpredictable energy. The argument is that this coupled with their power could bring about disastrous results. Other practitioners advocate for the opposite, insisting that it’s a powerful time to manifest and spellcast. That being said, your spiritual work is yours. Only you know what’s aligned for your highest good. To stick on the safe side, only cleanse, reflect, meditate, and do introspective work during the eclipse. 

Cord Cutting Rituals

Cord cutting rituals and spells symbolically cut our energetic ties to people and situations who are not beneficial to our mental and emotional well-being. Their purpose is to help us spiritually break free from any relationship or person (or even place, belief, or state of mind) that we have allowed to drain us, hold us back, or cause us harm. They allow energetic healing and help us realize that it’s safe to let go. It’s important to note that cord cutting won’t work unless you’ve put in or are actively placing the work required to free yourself from these vampiric energies. This means doing shadow work, journaling, therapy, introspection, etc. It takes time and effort to let go of attachments completely. You must be willing to adapt to changes in habits.

Please be gentle to yourself. These rituals can bring about intense emotions of sadness, anger, nostalgia, or grief, but it’s part of the process. It may be necessary to perform a cord cutting ritual more than once—only you know how many times. 

Generally the way this is done is using the two candle method, but the following are other simpler and equally effective ways to perform a cord cutting.

Simple Cord Burning Method

  1. Cut a thread (or string) and tie a knot at each end—one represents you and one represents the person or thing you are severing from. Optionally, pick a color to represent the energy energy of the relationship or situation. As you tie both ends, think about the connection, think about the ways you’ll benefit from severing ties, and “charge” it with intent. 
  2. Tie (or stabilize) the “other” knot end so that you are able to hold out the “you” end. 
  3. Burn the center, severing that connection. 
  4. Dispose of the “other” side, outside of your home.
  5. Keep the “you” side of the thread until you’re sure it has worked. 

Simple Scissor Method

  • Write your name on a piece of paper and write the name of the other person (or describe the situation) on the other side. 
  • Think about the connection. Cut between the names, severing the ties. 
  • Burn the half that you want to sever from and dispose of outside. 

The Visual Meditation Method

  1. Choose a peaceful, calm, and quiet space. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Do this until you center yourself. 
  2. Visualize the cords connecting you to the person or situation you want to detach from. Think about what they look like. Think about how they make you feel. Imagine the cords as threads of energy flowing out from your body and leading all the way into the other person or thing. Picture the cords any way you see fit or as whatever comes to mind—the important thing is to visualize. You might only see one cord, you might see more.
  3. Imagine a sword, a knife, a pair of scissors, an ax—whatever resonates. Let your determination and strength take over, and picture yourself cutting the cord with force. If you see more than one cord, then cut the thickest or biggest.
  4. Picture the cords dissolving or going up in smoke. 
  5. Call your power back to you. Stand up with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Repeat, “I bring my power back to me” three times while hitting your chest. 
  6. Let yourself feel what comes after. 

Spell Jar for Self-Assurance and Self-Love

  1. Cleanse a jar of your choosing (literally and also preferably with incense smoke). 
  2. Add pink Himalayan salt (for emotional healing and purifying). 
  3. Add rose (for self-love, harmony, and inner peace). 
  4. Add rosemary (for cleansing and protection). 
  5. Add cinnamon (for personal power and confidence). 
  6. Add lavender (for healing and peace of mind). 
  7. Add thyme (for courage and strength). 
  8. Light a white candle and place the jar near it to charge it with positive energy. Seal. 
  9. Keep the jar in a safe and sacred place. 

Seed of Transformation Spell

  1. Plant a seed of your choosing in a container. Name it after your desired outcome and metamorphosis. 
  2. Each time you water the seed, speak to it words of affirmation. Tell the seed all the things you wish to hear—everything that helps keep you going. Give your seed words of encouragement. Remind your seed of their power and all the things needed for transformation. 
  3. Do the required work for your transformation.
  4. 4. You should notice positive changes once the seedling is ready for transplanting. 

Simple Transformation Ritual

  • Write down what you desire to transform in your life or how you wish to transform or evolve as a person. 
  • Meditate on it. Focus on your intention. Visualize the necessary ways to change and adapt to step into your transformation. 
  • Burn the piece of paper to symbolize release and welcoming new energy. Dispose of the ashes. 

Solo Sex Magic Manifestation

  1. Cleanse yourself Prepare your sacred space. Use dim lighting. Reduce external sources of stimulation. Light a candle in the color that represents what you are trying to manifest. Bring items into the room with you symbolic of your intention. 
  2. Focus on your intention. Know it intimately. 
  3. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Focus on every part of your body. As you do so, hold the image and outcome of your intention vividly. Imagine it as if it has already happened. 
  4. Move to your bed or a more comfortable space. Caress yourself.
  5. Continue, and take slow deep breaths until you find yourself in a meditative state.
  6.  Build your arousal and keep focusing on your intention. Let it guide you. Allow your orgasm to come naturally.
  7. Let your orgasmic energy move through your body. Feel its power. Keep thinking about your intention. Say it out loud. 
  8. Stay in the flow as long as it feels good. 

Tarot Spread for Scorpio Season

  • Card 1: What part of me needs to die? 
  • Card 2: What am I being called to shed and put to rest this season? 
  • Card 3: What things will grow in the place of those things?
  • Card 4: What do I need to focus on to nurture my new growth?  
  • Card 5: What vulnerable aspects of myself do I need to heal, nurture, and protect right now in order to step into my higher power?

Another Tarot Spread for Scorpio Season 

  • Card 1: What have I been emotionally avoiding?
  • Card 2: What is an uncomfortable truth that would benefit me to see or speak?
  • Card 4: Where in my life am I stagnant?
  • Card 3: How can I begin to cut the cords with people, situations, places, or relationships that no longer serve me?
  • Card 5: How can I begin healing old wounds and past traumas?
  • Card 6: A message from your ancestors and spirit guides. 

Crystals and Stones for Scorpio Season

Black obsidian for grounding, protection from negative energies, and to heal and release any judgment on our shadow traits

Malachite for absorbing and shifting negative energy, transformation, and to help heal trauma

Carnelian for restoring vitality and energy, enhancing confidence, and passion and courage

Amphibole for communication with spirit guides