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The Deep, Uncomfortable Questions You Need To Ask Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries — what are you hiding from? What are you burying beneath your unyielding, fierce demeanor? Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable right now, in this moment? How would it feel if you could let go of rigidity? What would life feel like for you if you simply allowed yourself to open?


Taurus — how do you respond when the unpleasantness arrives? How do you acknowledge it without losing sight of yourself? Can you learn to accept the emptiness, the quiet? What would happen if you stopped trying to outrun the void? What would happen if you sat within it, and healed it?


Gemini — how does your life feel when you repress or suppress the deepest parts of yourself? How can you embrace all aspects of your being? How can you adapt to different situations without losing your sense of self, without denying parts of yourself in order to fit in or appease those around you? What is at the core of who you are? 


Cancer — when you feel insecure, can you find an anchor in your life? If uncertainty persists, how can you maintain your strength without being overwhelmed by the unknown? How can you allow yourself to remember the past without it disorienting your mind, and your heart? Have you ever felt genuinely secure? 


Leo — sometimes you are so focused on making noise that you don’t pay attention to the subtle sounds of daily life. Reflect on this. What is currently in front of you? What happens when you are no longer shining brightly for a moment? Is there strength to be found in the darkness, the stillness? How can you maintain self-pride even when you are not in the spotlight?


Virgo — when you step outside of societal expectations, you discover who you truly are. When you let go of conformity, what possibilities are open to you? Can you find value in not having everything together, or can you accept yourself as you are? What happens when you break free from the stereotypes?


Libra — what can you discover about yourself when you feel out of balance? Can you find genuine self-expression when you’re not constantly striving for external validation? What lies beneath the surface? What lies even deeper than that? Who are you when you are alone?


Scorpio — you feel most powerful when in mystery, but are you causing your own unhappiness? Do you keep yourself hidden because it feels safer than being open? Open up. What happens when you let go of your security, and you embrace being seen?


Sagittarius — how can you understand the beauty in stillness, with others and with yourself, when you’re always looking to keep moving? Are you escaping? What happens when your dreams and desire to explore leave you feeling unfulfilled? What happens when you stop hiding behind a facade? Who are you when you stop running?


Capricorn — what happens when you learn to rely on others? Can you find contentment in being dependent on someone or something other than yourself? Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable and take things at a slower pace? Who are you when you don’t have control?


Aquarius — can you navigate the depths of the unknown? Can you delve into the murky emotions of fear, love, and desire? What happens when you strip away all pretense and confront your own darkness? When you don’t have a broad perspective, when you focus closely on the details, can you sense the nuances? How do they feel?


Pisces — What does it feel like when you come out of the daydream? Can you stay present when your fantasy and your reality don’t align? Can you trust your instincts? Can you make room for your aspirations without being overwhelmed by their unattainable beauty? When you confront your own self-destructive tendencies, what can you say to them?