Garin Chadwick

The Ego Boost You Need To Survive This Monday —11/20/23

The ego is necessary in order to thrive and survive in a world where everyone wants to put their peers down. It is no surprise that deep down we want to shine and show others just how great we can be.

Astrology seems to bring out the narcissist side and it helps boost the egos of many people. If it didn’t, we would not see Leo or Virgo seasons trending every August and September. Many might have an issue with bringing out that inner narcissist society frowns on, but I think it’s interesting to see how pride in a zodiac Sun, Ascendant or even Moon sign can make even the shyest person beam with joy at discovering their sign or a placement matches someone they admire.


You enjoy helping others and being recognized for that magnanimous side. Sure, you like being at the top of your game but it’s your reliability that makes you proud to be you. The Aries needs the strength of their close friends and family to truly shine. This allows their confidence to reach the summit.


The artistic side that you take great pride in will shine and make others praise you. Of course, this is not limited to drawing or singing, Taureans have excellent fashion sense and style. The bull loves luxury and being presentable even if they say they don’t care. Taurus needs honesty and a resilient circle to help them overcome their challenges


Being able to shine in the spotlight can boost your ego. People admiring your intellect and opinions. You are radiant when people seek you for information because you are naturally adept when it comes to research and communication. Do not be afraid of your abilities and learn not to doubt yourself.


It is easy for the Cancer to take pride when their efforts are appreciated by others. As a Cardinal sign, it is easy for you to pull away when you feel burnt out by the world. Do not succumb to doubt. This is a sign that is selfless with friends and family and will be a rock to them. Your bravery and resolve make you admirable; your tenacity makes you invincible.


Not one to shy away from the spotlight, this is a sign that secretly thrives when others appreciate what they do for them. An evolved Leo will help their friends selflessly. They are true and kind. Leo enjoys the praise and compliments but they also love the devotion and admiration people may have for them.


To have a Virgo as a friend is to have someone you can rely on for life. This sign wants to see everyone improve and excel, so it can be hard for them to see their own greatness. Virgos struggles with their ego, but when someone can genuinely praise them for the hard work they do, they will be ecstatic inside.


This is a sign that has no qualms about showing the world how wonderful and splendid they are. Libra can be vain, since it is a sign ruled by Venus. Praise their looks and they might not be impressed but praise their mind/intellect and they will see you in a new light. Ego shines when you discuss how savvy and intelligent they are.


A sign that is ruled by intellect and rebirth. These people have a solid ego but it can occasionally slip when others wrong them. To make them shine, prove to them that they can be protected, loved fiercely and admired. Trust makes them confident, so do not deceive them.


The Sagittarius loves to take on the teacher role which explains why they can pontificate at times. To get their ego to shine, engage them in conversation about topics they are passionate about or things they do not know. Laughing at their jokes and being comfortable in their presence makes the Archer shine brightly.


This hardworking Seagoat has no time to deal with their ego. They enjoy the work and like to play only when they have achieved their goals. Inspiring and helping them push forward makes them feel strong and confident. Motivational speeches and being their cheerleader allows their ego to thrive and elevates them to new heights.


The ego of an Aquarius is powerful because they do not need to be praised to feel valued; they just know they have a greatness that not everyone understands. Never be afraid to push boundaries, to help others and to make a change. This will help keep you grounded and you will adore the adulation that comes with it.


You tend to get lost in others. As someone who can feel that they are forgotten, Pisces needs strong, kindhearted and inspirational people around them to help push them to their limit. This will give the Pisces the confidence needed to face challenges and have inner strength.