The Green Flag That Makes You A Great Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Acting Present

You make the most out of every moment that you’re alive. You don’t live in the past or the future. You are firmly planted in the present, which means you won’t be staring at your phone or thinking about other things while your partner is speaking. You’re going to enjoy the moment to the best of your ability. Which means your partner is never going to feel like you’re far away when you’re standing in the same room.

Taurus: Prioritizing Relationships

When you care about someone, you set aside time to spend with them. You make sure to fit them into your schedule without being begged. You aren’t going to leave someone who matters to you hanging because you have other things to focus on. To you, relationships are important. They deserve to be prioritized. Which means your person is never going to feel left out or ignored.

Gemini: Communicating Feelings

You aren’t shy when it comes to giving your opinions. You are vulnerable and communicative, which means your partner is never going to wonder what is on your mind. They’ll always know what you’re thinking because you’ll respect them enough to share your thoughts with them. You’ll make sure that they never feel uncertain about where you stand because you are brutally honest (while still being sweet).

Cancer: Active Listening

You don’t need to be the center of every conversation. You’re okay with sitting back and listening to someone else speak. After all, you want to be a support system for your loved ones. You never want them to feel like they’re alone. Your person is never going to feel like their needs are being ignored because you will listen closely when they speak and remember the little things they tell you.

Leo: True Loyalty

You are going to stay loyal in your relationship. You won’t let anything tempt you into hurting your partner because you wouldn’t want anyone else. Your partner will never feel like they’re a second choice because you will remind them how much they mean to you on a daily basis. You will make them feel special and spoiled – as long as they return the favor.

Virgo: Positive Reinforcement

You are going to be your person’s biggest cheerleader. Whenever they try to tackle a new goal, you will be there to support them and remind them they have what it takes to succeed. You’re great at giving pep talks because you see the potential in others. You know how to motivate. Which means your partner is never going to feel alone on their journey. They’ll always have you by their side.

Libra: Being Self-Aware

You’re never going to stop growing. You always strive to better yourself in every area of your life, which means you aren’t going to fall into bad habits. If you hurt your partner, you will make things right and swear to learn from the experience. Your partner will never feel like they’re getting taken advantage of or like they’re doing all the work because you put effort into everything you do. You try your damnest.

Scorpio: Validating Feelings

You aren’t judgmental, so your partner will feel comfortable telling you anything. They won’t need to hide their truth from you because you will respect their feelings and their opinions. You create a safe space for everyone around you because you are open-minded and kind. You are never going to make someone feel guilty or ashamed of being who they are, so your partner will always feel free to be themselves around you.

Sagittarius: Sense Of Humor

Whenever your partner is upset, you’re going to be there to cheer them up. You’re going to be able to put a smile back on their face. You love to laugh and love to have a good time, so you won’t let a little problem ruin your day. You won’t let the relationship feel too negative. You’ll always put a positive spin on things, which will keep your partner in a cheery mood.

Capricorn: Blunt Honesty

You never hold back your opinions. You don’t see the point in dancing around the truth or telling little white lies, so your partner will always know what you’re thinking. They will be able to trust that you’re telling them the truth because you won’t sugarcoat what’s going on, even when times are hard. Your partner will never have to doubt you or wonder whether you’re lying because that’s not your style.

Aquarius: Staying Respectful

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a bad mood or are in the middle of an argument because you’re going to treat your partner with respect. You are never going to raise your voice at them, talk down to them, or insult their intelligence. You will always keep things mature because you would never want to cause permanent damage to the relationship. You would never want to hurt their feelings.

Pisces: Showing Empathy

You are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You are able to see situations from their point of view, even if you have a completely different opinion. Since you are so empathetic, your partner will feel comfortable coming to you with problems. They know you’ll listen when they vent and will be there to comfort them. They will never have to hide their emotions from you.