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The Lesson Each Zodiac Will Learn This April


Aries, although April will provide you with even more opportunities than normal to be expressive and creative, that also means you’ll be faced with more criticism than you’re used to. Remember to stick to your beliefs. Listen to what others have to say, but think critically outside of their opinions too. At the end of the day, the only critique that matters is the one you give yourself. Will you be fair, or will you be cruel? Which one’s better?


Taurus, you have learned and grown so much already this year. Though it may feel like you’re walking into April on eggshells, waiting to see what horrible thing is coming next to mess up all of your joy, this is the time to trust yourself and the life you’ve built. No matter what comes next, you are prepared to survive it. Do not fall into self-doubt just because it’s easier to accept your shortcomings than it is your successes.


Gemini, nobody can tell you how to live your life or what you “should” want from it. April will present you with choices that demand your attention. Some decisions will lead you toward safer routes, and some will lead you toward the freedom you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let anybody prevent you from doing what’s best for you. For too long now you’ve let others push you around–let it end here and now.


Cancer, you are so unbelievably hardworking–why do you continue to hide your accomplishments under wraps, only allowing those closest to you to give you praise? You’re about to experience a month of great productivity with your personal projects, and this is your sign to be loud about them. Tell a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger on the internet. Share your joy with others, before it disappears without a trace.


Leo, I know that relationships have always been hard for you. There’s the question of intimacy, sharing parts of yourself that you rarely reveal to yourself, and, of course, settling down, a concept thrilling to think about but unimaginably difficult to execute. Be prepared–April will present you with love, a love different from any other you’ve experienced. This is your opportunity to handle with care, to do it right.


Virgo, your faith will be evaluated this April. When your beliefs are put to the test, it’ll be up to you to defend or abandon them. I won’t tell you which way to go, and neither path you take will be detrimental but know that this is not the time to be silent when you disagree with the voices surrounding you. It may be easier to lay low, and refuse to rock the boat, but you deserve better than to be silenced in matters of importance.


Libra, you’ve been playing nice for most of your life. Sure, you have no problem being honest when the situation calls for it. But even then you’ve held back, knowing that to let loose would have consequences. April will put you in a situation where you can’t be nice if you want to leave with your pride and integrity. If you’re given an opportunity to be blunt, take it. You’ll regret not using your words when you had the chance.


Scorpio, try as you might quiet the ghosts of your past, they will continue to bother you until you put in the work to find closure. This April, those ghosts will be coming home. When they do, you must confront them rather than ignore them. Do you want to spend your whole life running away? Forgiveness may be possible if a true, genuine effort is there. This is your chance to move forward without burdens on your back.


Sagittarius, things are looking up. You’ve been working so hard in your professional life, lately, and all of that work is about to pay off. Don’t forget to celebrate your success this April. You’re not the type to throw yourself a party, but at the very least you need to recognize the importance of your personal accomplishments. If you don’t stop to pat yourself on the back, burnout and anger will rear their ugly heads in response.


Capricorn, you have to stop getting in your own way. This April you’ll be presented with opportunities to advance your personal life. Opportunities which you will probably convince yourself aren’t right for you, or that you aren’t qualified enough to take advantage of. You’ll want to make excuses like you always do, but this is not the time to be meek. If you don’t go after what you want, regardless of timing, it’ll inevitably slip away.


Aquarius, are you really being valued in your personal relationships? This April, your closest loved ones will show you who they really are. Take note of how they react in the face of strife, and ask yourself if these are really the best people for you. I’m not saying to cut anybody out of your life but to think about setting boundaries in order to make your relationships healthier, more stable, and beneficial for everyone involved.


Pisces, you need to get out of your own head. April is going to be a month with plenty of opportunities to overthink–even more than usual. You must learn to stop worrying and live in the moment if you want to be happy. Don’t you want to be happy? Instead of reanalyzing the same situation a hundred times, be productive with your head and heart space. Prioritize the here and now rather than what’s lingering.