The Love Language Each Zodiac Sign Is Super Incompatible With  
Becca Tapert

The Love Language Each Zodiac Sign Is Super Incompatible With


Acts of service. This sign puts themselves first, so helping other people out isn’t usually a thought that pops into their head. If someone asks for assistance, they’ll be there. Otherwise, they might not pick up the hints that they’re needed.


Physical touch. This sign takes a long time to warm up to new people. Early on in the relationship, they won’t want the other person crossing physical boundaries and touching them. They’ll want to maintain their personal space.


Quality time. This sign is busy. They have their own lives. They aren’t always going to have enough free time in their schedule to hang out with their partners. They need space and aren’t going to be there for you 24/7.


Physical touch. This sign is incredibly loving and caring. However, they are shy. They might not initiate physical contact because they would rather have the other person take the lead and make the moves.


Quality time. Leos are busy bees. They have big dreams that they hope to accomplish. They aren’t going to give up their careers for a relationship, so they have to juggle a million things at once. Since they’re so swamped, they won’t always have time for their partner.


Words of affirmation. Virgos will show how much they care with their actions, not their words. They get uncomfortable when it comes to having serious conversations about their emotional state. They are logical so they think with the head, not the heart.


Receiving gifts. Libras can be indecisive, so it’s hard for them to choose the right gift. Plus, they are people pleasers so they want to make sure what they’re choosing is perfect. Sometimes, this can cause them to avoid making decisions altogether and leaving you giftless.


Words of affirmation. This sign is mysterious. They are going to keep their feelings to themselves. They won’t gush about how much they love their partners because they are private people. They rarely let others know what’s going on in their head.


Receiving gifts. This sign is intelligent, but they can be irresponsible at times. They might forget to bring home a meal for you when they grab some fast food for themselves – or they might forget to buy you a card for a big holiday that’s coming up. Sometimes, important things slip their minds.


Words of affirmation. This zodiac is uncomfortable expressing their emotions. They won’t always come out and say how much you mean to them. They will hold in their true feelings because they’re worried about getting hurt.


Receiving gifts. Aquarius are unique. They don’t care about traditions like buying their partner flowers and chocolates. They will show their love in more creative ways. They won’t always do what’s expected on Valentine’s Day and holidays.


Physical touch. Pisces are one of the nicest signs in the zodiac. Sometimes, they’re too nice and polite for their own good. They won’t want to risk making anyone uncomfortable, so they might hold back from making a move on someone they really want to touch.