Jakob Wandel

The Love Lesson You Haven’t Learned Yet, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Nine of Swords, reversed

You haven’t learned how to trust someone completely with your heart again after deception in a past relationship turned your world upside down with betrayal. In relationships, you carry the weight of fears and anxiety alone, and tend to push away supportive partners. You don’t want to allow yourself to depend on someone too much out of fear how your world would change if they hurt you. 


Your Card: Eight of Pentacles, reversed

Taurus, you haven’t learned that in order to have the stable, healthy, and loving relationship that you crave, you have to be willing to put in the effort. You tend to get lazy in love once you reach a certain level of comfort with the other person. Just because they’ve fallen in love with you doesn’t mean your work is done. You have to put in the time, the romance, and the affection in order to keep the love alive. 


Your Card: Temperance

Gemini, in order to make love work you have to find balance in other areas of your life. You need to heal whatever wounds and fix whatever issues have been holding you back personally before finding your soulmate. A harmonious relationship can only await you once you have learned how to prioritize yourself first. Love has a strange way of arriving unexpectedly to surprise you when you’re busy living as a better version of yourself. 


Your Card: Six of Wands

Cancer, you seemed to have forgotten that a relationship can be everything you ever imagined for yourself in love. You haven’t learned that your dream person is someone who will put you on a pedestal and worship the ever living daylight out of you. The problem is that you keep looking for love in people who don’t support you or celebrate your accomplishments. You do this while your soulmate achingly waits for you out there—someone who wants nothing more than a stable, loving relationship and to build a family. 


Your Card: Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is telling you that you haven’t learned to stop overidealizing and romanticizing the wrong people. You’re in love with the idea of being in love, and have grand expectations—and even unrealistic—expectations of love. Leo, you’ve gone against your values and better judgment in your pursuit of love. You must learn to be patient, true love waits for you. When the right one comes along you will know it in your gut. 


Your Card: Three of Cups, reversed

Virgo, you haven’t learned that love doesn’t mean dropping your social life. When you enter a relationship, you disappear and start to live a life that revolves around your significant other. You stop spending so much time around friends and family and cease to attend any social functions. You isolate yourself in a bubble with the one you love. You have to start treating yourself and your partners as individuals with separate lives in order to maintain a healthy, stable relationship. 


Your Card: The Hierophant, reversed

You haven’t learned how to stop picking the wrong partners—the ones on a different page, the unavailable ones, the emotionally detached ones, the ones who will never commit, the ones who make you sacrifice parts of who you are. You fall for people for the thrill of it, without considering the very many ways that they are bad for you. You must examine dealbreakers more closely, Libra. 


Your Card: Four of Swords

Scorpio, you haven’t learned how to define your expectations and set boundaries. You haven’t even figured out what you want and need from a relationship. You need to give yourself time and solitude to figure out what you’re looking for when it comes to love. Be honest with yourself about your desires. Stay single until you find the person you really want to be with and don’t let the fear of being alone overwhelm you into the wrong relationship. 


Your Card: Six of Cups

You haven’t learned how to stop living in the past. You’re trapped in the nostalgia associated with a past relationship or heartbreak. You keep dwelling on memories of happier times and trying to analyze where it all went wrong. You need to teach yourself how to let go, Sag. If it didn’t happen is because it was never meant to be. You can’t give real love a chance unless you’re willing to live new experiences with new people. 


Your Card: Wheel of Fortune

Capricorn, you haven’t learned to accept that our partners are people who, like us, live in a constant state of change, and that relationships are also constantly evolving. You struggle with coping with adjustments and changing dynamics in your romance. Relationships take work because the wheel is always turning, and not always does that work guarantee your staying together. You can’t force your expectations on someone else for your comfort. It will work so long as you grow together, otherwise you will just grow apart. 


Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

Aquarius, you’re way too safe in romance and haven’t learned how to take risks when it comes to love. You struggle to even negotiate and meet your significant other halfway. You’re stubborn, rigid, and set in your ways. In order to find happiness with another person, you have to teach yourself outside of your comfort zone. This means being more thrilling in your romantic endeavors, as well as more flexible in your compromising. 


Your Card: Ace of Wands, reversed

You keep mistaking lust for love, short-lived passion for lasting romance, sex for something deeper, and the bare minimum for above-and-beyond effort. Pisces, you struggle for finding long-term commitment because you put your rose colored pair of sunglasses on way too quickly. Just because there’s heat in the bedroom doesn’t mean that there’s long-term compatibility. Be wary of intensity, sometimes the hottest things fizzle out more quickly.