The Reminder About Bare Minimum Relationships Each Zodiac Needs

The Reminder About Bare Minimum Relationships Each Zodiac Needs


The bare minimum isn’t enough for you. Don’t settle for less because you’re eager to settle down. It’s better to wait than to end up with the wrong person.


If you keep letting someone get away with treating you poorly, they’re never going to change. You need to set stricter boundaries or you need to walk away but you cannot allow them to continue treating you like this.


Having high expectations doesn’t make you greedy or unrealistic. It’s important to know your worth. Anyone who tells you differently only wants you to lower your standards so that you will let them get away with more.


Walking away from someone you love is never easy, but sometimes it’s mandatory. Sometimes it’s the only way to create a fulfilling future for yourself, so you need to rip off the bandage. Waiting too long will only make things worse.


The bare minimum is reason enough to leave. This person doesn’t have to treat you terribly in order for you to have permission to go. Not feeling satisfied is enough. This feeling is enough.


It’s not fair to receive the bare minimum when you’re putting in so much work. You should be in a relationship where the effort is equal. Where you’re both contributing about the same amount.


The bare minimum isn’t the best you can do, so please, don’t stick around with the worry that you won’t find anything better. There are better things out there. You don’t have to force yourself to put up with what you have now.


You might not love yourself yet – but you can make decisions the way someone who loves themselves would. That means refusing to settle. That means keeping your standards high. That means walking away from this person who isn’t treating you right.


If you want more, demand more. State your expectations. Don’t make your partner play guessing games. Voice whatever is on your mind, so that at least they know where you stand.


Someone might be a good person overall while being bad for you. Sometimes, the chemistry isn’t there. The long-term potential isn’t there. And that’s okay.


Don’t expect someone to change when they’ve given you zero indication that it’s going to happen. If they’re treating you badly today, expect them to treat you the same tomorrow. The only way to break the cycle is for you to leave.


You wouldn’t want your friends to remain in a relationship that feels unfulfilling, so why would you expect yourself to do the same? Treat yourself with the same love and respect you give to them.