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The Secret To Life For Each Zodiac Sign


You will forget what started the majority of the fights you get into, and eventually, you will forget that most of them ever happened at all, but the things you fail to fight for are the things that you will fixate on for a lifetime. Pick the ghosts you want to be haunted by wisely.


You can spend a lifetime chasing after happiness in purchases that never fill the void, and what is priceless to you can seem like the biggest waste of money or absolute trash to someone else. The faster you learn what makes you happy and what makes you like yourself, the better off you’ll be.


You cannot be everything to everyone all of the time. It is okay to draw those lines, set those boundaries, and not answer the text or the e-mail or anything else that feels like a demand for your attention. Saving parts of yourself for certain occasions or people is not a form of deception. It’s your right.


Being the quiet one doesn’t mean you’re hiding anything. It doesn’t mean you’re in denial or that you’re ashamed. Not everyone works through their problems or their crises in front of an audience. You don’t have to perform your growth or healing for it to be real. 


The silver lining at the end of an existential crisis is that even if life doesn’t have a clear meaning or purpose, we still have a connection. We can get to know the people we’re on this planet with. We can co-exist in the simple experience of being alive and all the emotions that go with it and know those relationships are real. That they have meaning.


The little things in life are not to be scoffed at. They set a tone. They say “I care about my space”, “I care about me”, and “I care for those around me”. Nothing says “I love you” like folding someone’s laundry, and if they don’t understand that, they’re just not paying enough attention, not listening, not caring.


Most people want just enough structure to feel safe, but not so much that they feel trapped or controlled. Suggestions and encouragement will go miles farther than obligation and shaming. No one wants to live in a world where their main motivator is fear, but everyone needs something to be afraid of. Trust the good fear.


Experiencing real chemistry for the first time ruins you forever, but it also sets you free. There’s no more ego in romance when you can acknowledge that sometimes things just don’t click. When there is no second date, when an ex moves on, you’re not stuck with a bunch of whys. You know.


We are all just out here trying to like ourselves enough to get out of bed in the morning with an open mind. With enough motivation to seek out a little happiness in our day, and the capacity to still be pleasantly surprised by life. Remember, it’s a journey and a struggle we are all on together. 


Achieving your dream does not mean that other people have to miss out on theirs. You shouldn’t have to be the only one who ‘makes it’ in order to feel satisfaction and contentment. Creating competition with yourself is infinitely more motivating than trying to beat out external rivals. 


Give to the things that reciprocate. Pour your energy into the people, places, and things that reinvigorate you. Love those who love you back. Your generosity is a beautiful thing and deserves to be handled with care. Like flowers that are placed in a vase with water and appreciated the way they were meant to be.


Something doesn’t have to be real for it to be real. An idea well executed and distributed to enough people can hold meaning long after those people are gone. Do not let anyone tell you your ideas don’t matter because they aren’t real. They simply have yet to take their final shape.