Vlada Karpovich

The Ultimate List Of Date Ideas For Each Zodiac Sign

Ahh, behind the pumpkin spice and vanilla is the sweet smell of cuffing season! Love and lust is lingering in the air with the current astrology and will continue to do so for a while. Now that the Sun recently left lovely Libra and is now slaying Scorpio season, we’re looking to mingle with our honies as we approach the holidays.

Whether you’re single or snuggled up with your boo, it’s always good to know the best type of dates for yourself and your potential partners. Spoiler: We can use astrology to figure it out.

Below are the best date ideas based on your or your partner’s zodiac sign. Remember that you have an entire birth chart to consider, so check your Moon and Venus sign if your Sun sign doesn’t resonate. After all, your Moon sign reveals your emotional nature while your Venus sign is everything that you value in your one-to-one relationships. (Note: people often feel more in tune with their Moon signs than their Sun).

You can look up your birth chart placements here.

These are the best date ideas for each zodiac sign:


Date ideas: spontaneous getaways, play fights, prank wars, sunrise jogs, bonfire cuddles, sporting events, stargazing, ax throwing, trivia night, live comedy shows

As the fiercely independent Ram, romance doesn’t come naturally for you. Except we all know you can’t stay single forever, Aries, even if you’d rather focus on yourself first. As Mars is your ruler, physical touch and quality time are your love languages. You’re probably too busy starting other projects that you won’t finish where love isn’t always on the radar. 

Once you find a partner who fuels your fickle fire, then you two need plenty of stimulation with the dates you choose. Ruler of the brain and eyes, you’d enjoy sightseeing activities or brain games that bring out the friendly competition between you two.


Date ideas: attend a music festival or live comedy show, couples cooking class, botanical garden picnics, geocaching, karaoke night, wine and dine, sporting events, drive in movies, luxurious nature getaways

As the bougie boho Taurus, your high class taste surely translates to your romantic life. You know what you’re worth and expect nothing less from your love life. Venus as your ruling planet means you need to experience the pleasures of life in your relationships as well.

Just because you’re down to earth doesn’t mean you aren’t ready to get down! The bodacious Bull is up for anything that is a vibe. Food, money, music, beauty, and the outdoors are all under Taurus’s domain. You’re easy to please for the most part, but you prefer date ideas that either spoil each other or any quality time activities.


Date ideas: drive in movies, romantic bike rides, trivia night, arcades, laser tag, bumper cars, ferris wheels, roller skating, flying kites, sporting events, prank wars

Gemini, you’re a whimsical and breezy lover. Mercury as your ruling planet gives you an enthusiasm for local tourism, technology, vehicles, and social media. Mercury also rules friendships and communication, so it makes sense why you strongly value the friendships that underlie your relationships.

You enjoy lighthearted activities or group plans that even your friends can be part of. In the least, the social butterfly of the zodiac enjoys cutesy and trendy date ideas that will impress your followers on the ‘gram. Double dates for the double trouble Twins is also suitable.


Date ideas: romantic boat rides, candlelit dinner at home, couples’ cooking class, game night, coffee dates at sunrise, laser tag, moon gazing, attend a music festival or live comedy show

The moody Moonchild is quite the delight when it comes to dating! All we want is to be loved and cared for, and the Moon is associated with nurturance, home, motherhood, and natural cycles. Need not be fooled, however, as Cancer isn’t the type to sit at home for a date. Ruler of the diaphragm and stomach, you need plenty of laughter and fun to feel at your best in your relationship.

Cancer, you’re so much more than just sweet and simple. Every Cancer should come with a warning label because you’re precarious under pretense. It’s in your cardinal nature to be guided on certainty and direction— anything with a lack thereof will cramp the Crab’s style. Date ideas ranging from serene to silly are suitable for you.


Date ideas: stargazing, attend a live Broadway show, night out on the town, sporting events, gym dates, romantic carriage rides, attend a music festival, play fights, casino night

As the regal Lion, you’re known for your playful and vivacious personality. Some of you are luxurious Leos who are expecting the royal treatment from your relationships. For most of you, however, you’re the lovey dovey Leo who is a natural romantic. The Sun is associated with creativity, leisure, and games. With the Sun as your ruler, this means you just want to let your lion’s mane loose when in love.

When the love hungry Lion comes out to play, you prefer whimsical or entertaining dates that bring out your sunny side. Bonus points if you two are seen out on the town or on the ‘gram. 


Date ideas: drive in movies, go karts, botanical garden picnics, gym dates, rock climbing, geocaching, trivia night, sporting events, camping, wine and dine, bumper cars, stargazing

Picking the perfect date for Virgo is like Peter Piper picking a peck of pickled peppers. Seriously, Virgo, you’re notoriously the pickiest zodiac sign. Thankfully not all is lost with you, as you enjoy any wholesome activities that are meaningful and exciting. You may have high expectations, but less is truly more with you.

Mercury, a.k.a. your ruling planet, is associated with transportation and communication. Dates that let you two escape into nature or perhaps vehicular activities are your top picks. Anything that allows you two to chat and delve into each other’s minds is ideal.


Date ideas: mini golfing, sunset walks, romantic dinner cruise, wine and dine, window shopping, Netflix-and-chill, spa dates, ax throwing, eno-ing under the stars, candlelit jacuzzi bath

Fall is a ball when you’re born during Libra season! Libra rules dating and relationships, as it’s associated with sunsets given Venus (your ruling planet) often sets in the west as the ‘Evening Star’ during the fall. You lovey dovey Libras may have a romantic flair, but you’re still the balanced babes of the zodiac with a partnership approach to love— i.e. what you both bring to the table is first on your checklist.

With that in mind, you don’t need a larger than life date to impress you. Dates that open the floor for interesting conversations or that mix the bougie with the bubbly are suitable for your Venusian taste. *pops champagne*


Date ideas: roller skating, sexy photoshoot for two, escape rooms, ax throwing, watching scary movies, cemetery tours, bonfires, cocoa and cuddles, wine and dine, candlelit jacuzzi baths

Dating can be difficult for you, our beloved Scorpio. Scorpio is associated with the macabre, eroticism, and taboo. Pluto as your ruler means you come with plenty of chills and thrills. Safe to say your love life needs a safe word! You need a partner who isn’t weirded out by your spooky and sexual interests. You value sex in your relationships more than the average person because you’re intensely intimate by nature.

Safe spaces for the Scorpion to snuggle in will also suffice, but the smexy Scorpio loves to claim and be claimed in love. Date activities that make you two look like a power couple on the ‘gram or that brings out the hot stuff are also suitable.


Date ideas: spontaneous road trips, rooftop parties, dining foreign cuisine, train rides, visit vineyard/brewery, romantic carriage rides, ax throwing, prank wars, live comedy shows

One must be down to clown when dating you, Saggie! You’re constantly on the move in search of greener pastures. The many beautiful people, places, and things you experience along the way eventually leads you to want a partner who can be your partner in crime and communion. Who needs Netflix-and-chill when you two could just create your own episode of shenanigans?

Down time is a must for you in general— but rarely will you make it a date. Jolly Jupiter as your ruling planet means you need plenty of adventure, freedom, and room to grow within your relationships. As Jupiter is the planet of travel and cross cultural interactions, anyone who isn’t open to trying new places will probably bore you.


Date ideas: rooftop parties, attend a music festival, spontaneous getaways, drive in movies, camping, train rides, visit vineyard/brewery, stargazing, hiking, ax throwing

Dating is sometimes a daunting task for even the most charming and chivalrous Capricorns. Sky daddy Saturn as your ruling planet means you take your sweet precious time with everything that you do—and your relationships are no exception. Saturn rules time, maturity, and discipline. You’re the old school type who dates to marry, keeping your boundaries strong like the rings of Saturn. 

As you’re heavily invested in your work and finances, this means you prefer taking quality time out of your schedule and giving your partners the due attention they deserve. Though you’re generally frugal on most days, remember that Capricorn is represented as the highest point in the sky. Love is worth the wait with you, as you’ll generously spend time and money on your partner.


Date ideas: laser tag, ice skating, romantic dinner cruises, stargazing, hot air balloon dates, flying kites, drive in movies, comedy shows, ferris wheels, taste testing wine, live music shows

Okay, first of all, call it anything except a “date” because that word is way too strong for Aquarius. The ruler of anti-establishment Aquarius is Uranus— the planet associated with surprises, society, and innovation. For example, the many Aquarians who call it a “legalized soulmate partnership” before they call it “marriage”. You’re uber private about your love life where you barely even like disclosing your relationship status!

You may not be possessive, Aquarius, but your introverted nature limits who you let into your love bubble. You prefer unique hole-in-the-wall places or exclusive activities that have less public involvement. Couples’ friend groups, however, are more manageable. 


Date ideas: escape rooms, sunset beach walks, ice skating, flying kites, trolley rides, spontaneous road trips, dinner cruises, visit vineyard/brewery, romantic carriage rides, eno-ing under the stars

As the dreamer of the zodiac, you’re looking for the perfect dream team. Your planetary ruler Neptune is associated with fantasies, open seas, and the past. Of all the fish in the sea, Pisces, you need someone who is interested in exploring their imagination with you. Your relationships often become a centerpiece in your life, so it’s important their dreams are as compatible for you as their personality. 

Travel and festivity are important to you, noting that Jupiter was your traditional co-ruler before Neptune was discovered in 1846. Any magical and picture perfect date activities are ideal, especially if you two take pictures with a vintage filter.