The Zodiac Duos That Could Ruin Your Life Just Like That

Some zodiac pairs are deeply and beautifully compatible, while others are very much wrong for one another. If you are one of the zodiac signs mentioned below, you’ll see how other signs are with you and how bad the relationship could potentially be.

Gemini and Capricorn

These two signs will butt heads a lot. Geminis are indecisive, while Capricorns are often confident in their decisions. At their worst, Geminis are impulsive and unreliable. They’re social butterflies who like change, which is different from Capricorn who likes being alone at home and sticking to their routines. At their worst, Capricorns can be condescending and rude. There’s no denying there will be problems between these two. They’ll just have a hard time understanding one another. Both signs are known to hold grudges too, so this incompatibility is something that they’ll never forgive and forget.

Leo and Scorpio

This is a duo that should be avoided at all costs. Leos are bold, passionate, and a bit arrogant. Scorpios are obsessive and possessive and very much have a “my way or the highway” kind of attitude. Leo likes flirting and being the center of attention while Scorpio prefers to be hiding and being mysterious. Scorpio will get jealous and upset over Leo’s flirty nature and will want Leo all to themselves. This pair could very easily end in heartbreak and resentment.

Libra and Aries

Libra is known for being a lover, not a fighter. They people-please and avoid arguments as best as they can. Even if they’re upset about something, they’ll just internalize it and get super passive-aggressive. This is drastically different from Aries, who is known to be hotheaded, blunt, and a bit aggressive at times. They might get along sometimes, but only if they work hard enough in the relationship.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer is a deeply emotional water sign. They’re sensitive to any slight change in someone’s mood — they will notice when Sagittarius is upset about something. However, that doesn’t mean Sagittarius will talk about those feelings — they’d rather harbor their sadness. Cancers are needy and like taking care of people. They’re homebodies, too. This is drastically different from Sagittarius who is fiercely independent and refuses to settle down with anyone. They’re flighty and want to explore the world. These two will have a hard time finding common ground.