6 Reasons People Who Love The Mountains Are The Happiest People To Be Around

There’s something magical about a mountain skyline. These majestic rock formations leave most people in awe–and for good reason. They show how truly magnificent the natural world can be. If you have the privilege of knowing someone who loves the mountains, then you know you’ve got a keeper. Here’s why:

1. A gorgeous skyline can instantly improve their mood.

They could be having the worst day at work or grieving an incredibly loss. While looking at the mountains won’t solve everything, at least it will give them a sense of serenity that’s bigger than them and their problems.

2. They know the perfect spot for a special occasion.

You need a spot where you can say something amazing to the person you love? To have a killer photoshoot? To propose? Just ask someone who loves the mountains. They’ll know the best mountain spot with the most gorgeous backdrop.

3. They know great ways to fill an empty afternoon.

If you know someone who loves the mountains, you’ll never be bored for long. Just mention you have nothing to do and they’ll come up with a dozen hikes of varying lengths and difficulties you can tackle in just a few hours.

4. Their sunset pics are on point.

How can you be man when you have a view like that?

5. They don’t have to break the bank to have a good time.

They can find you the secret waterfall or a magical copse of trees free of charge. You might just have to lace up some hiking boots and bring a backpack filled with water and snacks to get there.

6. They’re always ready for an adventure.

You can count on the mountain lover to have a good time. Even if they aren’t an avid climber or spend every minute of their free time on the trails, there’s a good chance they’re down if you want to do something related to the scenery. With them you’ll never get bored. Who knows? You might end up a mountain-lover if you hang with them long enough. Soon enough, this list will be about you.