Megan Ruth

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Thrive During Pisces Season

It’s Pisces season, everyone!

From February 19th through March 20th, the Sun will be in the dreamy, idealistic water sign of Pisces. During this time, we may find a renewed sense of hope and positivity embedded into our day-to-day—though occasionally, we may veer into “rose-colored glasses” territory. This period serves as a great time of reflection and excitement towards the next stage of life, and there is much to look forward to

The Full Moon in Virgo will appear early in the season on February 24th. Full Moon often signifies a period of release and closing the door to start a new chapter and illuminate important lessons to learn from. In the practical Earth sign Virgo, we may experience a bit of a “reality check” amid all the romanticized Pisces energy, but it will work to our benefit if we can be honest with ourselves.

The following month, March 10th, will provide an opportunity for a fresh start with the New Moon in Pisces. New Moons signify new beginnings and allow us to set intentions and manifest what we hope for down the road. In Pisces, we may feel more obliged to dream bigger and without restraint—the sky is the limit!

While all the signs will be affected by Pisces season, some may find they thrive more than others. Check out your Sun and Rising signs to see which signs will thrive during this Pisces season. 


It’s your season, Pisces! After an extended, introspective stay in Aquarius, you’re ready to emerge with a new sense of optimism. You may notice a boost in your confidence once the Sun enters your 1st House of Self and Identity and when Mercury, the planet of communication, joins it later in the season. 

This may serve as a time to focus on who you want to be and where you want to go in life. The New Moon in Pisces will be an ideal time to focus on new goals and set intentions for your next steps—it’s okay to dream big, and it’s good to embrace that.

Additionally, the Full Moon in Virgo, which will light up your 7th House of Partnerships, will illuminate the close connections that bring you closer to yourself and those who don’t genuinely have your best interests in mind. You may feel more emboldened to release unhealthy connections during this period, and while it may be painful, know that better ones are coming. 


You have relationships on the brain this season, Virgo. With Pisces season mostly taking place in your 7th House of Partnerships, you may find that you’re more open and willing to find a potential partner as opposed to doing everything alone. You may also take closer note of the friendships and close connections that have supported you through difficult experiences and remember that you have people who love you deeply.

When the New Moon in Pisces appears in this house, it would be a good idea to focus on what types of relationships, friendships, and business connections you want in your life. What direction are you heading, and who are the people you need beside you to see it through? While you may find renewed assurance in your current connections, you may also meet new people you didn’t expect. Be open to the possibilities, even if you don’t have all the answers upfront.

It’s also worth noting that the Full Moon will appear in your sign and 1st House of Self and Identity, which may bring you to remember you have needs and wants that deserve to be fulfilled rather than you trying to fixate on everyone else’s issues. The Full Moon may allow you to release the heavy expectations you continuously place on yourself and look toward what you truly want.


The spotlight is on you, Gemini, at least where career and publicity are concerned. Pisces season will mostly occur in your 10th House of Career and Public Image, meaning you may have a strong sense of optimism and confidence surrounding career moves and the legacy you’re working to establish. 

When the New Moon in Pisces takes place in this house, you may experience new opportunities to step into better positions or have new job options that align more with where you want to be. Setting intentions about your future goals during this period may also prove to be beneficial down the line. 

Additionally, the Full Moon in Virgo in your 4th House may remind you to find the balance between work and home life. You may release certain expectations of the person you’re pushed to be at work and remember that rest and having a private life are essential, too—you shouldn’t be coerced into neglecting that aspect of your life just to get ahead. You know when to move forward and let go, so trust the process.


You’re feeling inspired this season, Scorpio! As Pisces season takes place in your 5th House of Creative and Pleasure, you’re getting in touch with what brings you joy and excitement again. The idealistic energy of Pisces serves as an excellent period for connecting with your creative side, especially where art, music, or poetry/writing are involved. You may find yourself inspired by unexpected people or places. You may also feel more flirtatious and excited about putting yourself out there or embracing your self-expression to the fullest.

When the New Moon in Pisces appears in this house, you may feel even more confident and ready to take on the possibilities that await you in terms of romance and creative aspects. You may connect with others in new ways that make you feel alive and help you get in touch with what you love. There is a fresh start energy in the air, and after spending so much time holding yourself back, this period pushes you to take a step forward. 

When the Full Moon in Virgo appears in your 11th House of Friendships and Networking, you will get back in touch with the understanding that your friends contribute to your happiness and well-being, too. You may find you reconnect with old friends or become more involved or are relied upon in your current friendships. If you’ve been keeping to yourself, this energy may push you to reach out to others again. Things are better if you have support, and if you’re looking for reassurance and validation from them, you’re likely to get it.