These Zodiac Signs Struggle With Setting Boundaries


Pisces care about respecting the boundaries of others, but when it comes to setting ones themselves? It’s not quite as easy. They aren’t sure if what they want today will be the same tomorrow, and even if they set a boundary with good intentions, they may end up seeing things from a different perspective that changes their mind. Additionally, they don’t want to burden others with their problems or struggles, so if someone they care for crosses a boundary they’ve set, they are likely to let it slide, even if it hurts their feelings. While not always the case, they can allow emotions to dictate their decisions, for better or worse.


Librans struggle with what they actually want. Do they want something because it’s important to them or important to someone else? They tend to lean towards the opinions of others, no matter how headstrong they may come across. They may set boundaries but will often break them when the situation arises. Their diplomatic natures often lead them to sacrifice their personal feelings for the sake of those around them—even if internally they may feel offended that others don’t consider them in the same way.


Geminis want everything out of life—meaning they will say yes to so many things regardless of how feasible it is. They can easily suffer from burnout, despite their determination to appear always ready for anything. Additionally, setting boundaries sounds restrictive to them, even if it is to their benefit. They may have lines that they claim they won’t cross, but those lines may become blurred depending on what’s happening.


Cancers genuinely want to give their loved ones the best they can and don’t want to disappoint. It can lead to them making promises they can’t keep or erasing boundaries they have set for themselves to appease someone else. They may feel passive-aggressive about someone pushing their limits, but will only confront a person if forced.


Leos are headstrong and self-confident, but that doesn’t mean they are always great at setting boundaries. If they are trying to achieve something or impress someone, then boundaries are out the window—they have a goal and will achieve it. If they are madly in love with a person, boundaries become malleable to ensure the other person is happy. While they may not have an issue with setting goals, boundaries are a bit trickier to maneuver. 


Sagittarius signs often do what they want to do, but that doesn’t mean they are great at setting boundaries. They don’t want to be restricted by rules, even the ones they create themselves. They decide to live moment by moment, and what may be important to them one day won’t necessarily be the same rules they stick to the next. While this doesn’t mean they never set boundaries or are incapable of them, it just doesn’t often become much of a priority unless it’s necessary.