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These Zodiacs Are The Most Likely To Stray


People think Scorpio strays because they get bored with their partners, but what they really tire of is keeping up an act. It’s an exhausting production to seduce the way they do. To entice by creating this mysterious persona that everyone is just dying to unravel. But one can only keep that many secrets for so long. The more time they spend with someone, the more they are able to piece together, and Scorpio worries that the familiar realities of their true personality will lack the luster of the allure they created. Scorpio would rather find someone more ignorant to impress than to bare their soul with the person they’ve already spent significant time with. They’re just not ready to really go that deep and let someone see how they look like first thing in the morning or where they keep their retainer.


Pisces strays because they keep dreaming up someone better in their imagination, or lusting over fictional characters. They can’t deal with people who stumble over their improvised words instead of deliver perfectly phrased monologues. They crave the drama of a romance over the stability of real life. Because they are so used to looking at life through the highs and lows of a structured plot line, they think that same push and pull is how you gauge a significant connection. But sometimes when things are just that good there is no conflict. No villain. No misunderstanding to overcome. Sometimes there is no lovers to enemies arc, and just a series of decent dates that blossom into a meaningful relationship. But when Pisces doesn’t feel like things are spicy enough, they let their eye start to wander.


Gemini strays because they pick partners who aren’t fully compatible with their multifaceted personalities. They hide or compact certain aspects of who they are in order to fit into a category of their own choosing, and seek out a partner who also fits neatly into the same box. But slowly and surely they feel something is missing. What they don’t realize is that it’s not just missing from the relationship; they are repressing it within themselves. Until Gemini can make peace with these seemingly competitive aspects of themselves, they won’t start seeking out the people who really complement their energy and meet their needs. The wild side and the side that plays by the rules. That mix of left brain and right brain that loves excel and broadway musicals. Your soulmate is out there, you just need to tap into your soul to find them.


Leo strays because they have so many amazing options to choose from. Imagine your top five celebrity “hall passes”. What would you do if they were all interested in a relationship with you? That’s the kind of demand that Leo generates. It’s not a slight to any one person that Leo can’t make up their mind, it’s a compliment to all of the great qualities in the people pursuing them at once. Leo is the consummate Bachelor and Bachelorette from TV. Sometimes it all gets to their head, and they have to set their ego on the back burner. Ultimately they have to find a way to give one person a chance at a time, with their full attention and consideration, if they are looking for long term monogamy. Eventually they will mature and find their way.