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This Is Every Zodiac’s Catchphrase

Capricorn: “I have to work.” 

Possibly the most stoic and self-disciplined sign in the zodiac, Capricorns tend to be all work and no play. They prioritize their personal goals over social trends or parties and will decline invitations to anything that doesn’t increase the weight or thickness of their wallet. 

Aquarius: “You can’t make me!” 

Probably the most rebellious sign in the zodiac, Aquarius finds the status quo boring, and they don’t really care much for tradition. If you tell them to do something, they will take it as a personal challenge to do the exact opposite, because they think they’re cooler than you. 

Pisces: “Do you have any tissues?” 

The most emotional sign in the zodiac, Pisces are always armed with pockets and sleeves full of crusty tissues. When you are out in public and you see a gross, random, balled-up, used tissue on the ground, you can guarantee it was a Pisces who dropped it. 

Aries: “I have to pee!” 

Hands down the angriest sign in the zodiac, Aries tend to have the smallest bladders because their insurmountable rage consumes unnatural amounts of space within their body. Their tiny bladder is the price they must pay for their massive anger and hatred towards everyone and everything. 

Taurus: “I have to fart!” 

Let’s be real: The only thing a Taurus cares about is food. Consequently, you wouldn’t want to be caught walking behind one at the grocery store. Emerald may be their birthstone, but they are also surrounded by green clouds wherever they go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Gemini: “I won’t tell anyone, I swear!” 

Gemini is the most social sign in the zodiac. They can drift from crowd to crowd and just blend right in. They can be pretty manipulative and are almost as good at earning your trust as they are at gossiping and spilling all of your personal business to anyone who will listen. Consequently, they are often known for being two-faced. 

Cancer: “I want to go home.” 

Cancers might be one of the sweetest, most nurturing signs in the zodiac, but they are very protective of their peace. They can get overwhelmed by other people easily and would rather be a couch potato than have to deal with your BS. 

Leo: “Do you have a mirror?” 

Leo is probably the most confident sign in the zodiac. They can’t walk past a reflective surface without turning their head to catch a glimpse of their favorite person. Leos definitely takes self-love to a different level. 

Virgo: “I’m sorry.” 

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac. They are always trying their best but never seem to live up to their own standards. Next time you see a Virgo, give them a hug. Then tell them to shut up when they start apologizing for not hugging you back correctly. 

Libra: “Maybe I can save them.” 

Hands down the most empathetic sign in the zodiac, Libras are often the best caregivers. Unfortunately, Libras often lose themselves in the process of taking care of everyone else. Often drawn to broken people, they are just happy to have someone to heal who can keep them company. 

Scorpio: “Fuck around and find out!” 

Scorpios are the most mysterious sign in the zodiac, which can often make them feel very intimidating. Perhaps rightfully so. You never know what they are capable of. If you are not careful, they might snatch your soul and keep you in a jar on their shelf. 

Sagittarius: “I’m not even joking!” 

Sagittarius is the funniest sign in the zodiac. Their sense of humor comes so naturally to them that they can cause eruptions of laughter in any room they walk into, often without even trying. They can struggle with loneliness at times because nobody takes them seriously.