Thamyres Silva

This Is Exactly How Each Zodiac Sabotages Their Chances At Finding True Love


You’re selfish, Aries. You want what you want when you want it. In order to find love, you have to get rid of your “me” mentality. Love cannot exist without compromise and patience. You have to learn how to take someone else’s emotional wants and needs into account. The reason you struggle in relationships is because you speak and act without taking your partner’s feelings into consideration. You only think about your own. Unless you become more cognizant of how your actions can affect others, you’ll find yourself alone. 


You ruin your chances of finding true love by settling for comfort. Instead of exploring the possibilities with someone who excites you, you choose someone who feels safe. As someone who craves security and stability above all else, you don’t take a lot of risks in life—this is a big mistake when it comes to romance. Love should surprise you. Love should make you feel. Love should be more than predictable. Love should scare you a little bit, Taurus. Get out of your comfort zone.


You’re the most curious creature of the zodiac. A side effect of that is that you like to explore your pursuits in multiples—having different books started on your TBR pile, juggling various projects at once, and keeping a roster of numerous lovers. You don’t give good potential mates a true chance because you keep your options too open. As soon as things start getting too real, you equate it with it not being exciting enough. You’re too busy waiting for the next best thing to allow yourself to fall in love with anyone. Slow down, Gemini. 


There’s no desire bigger for you than finding your home—the person you’ll build a life and family with. You ruin your chances at true love by believing anyone you catch feelings for could be that person. Being that you’re ruled by the Moon, you can hardly be blamed for being motivated by your emotions, but you need to learn to not expect too much too soon. It translates as needy and clingy in the early stages of a courtship. Give yourself time to explore a connection before deciding someone is the one. 


Your assertiveness can be one of the most attractive things about you, but it can also be a turn-off. Like your fellow fire sign Aries, you’re stubborn and strong-willed and struggle with compromise. That sparkling confidence of yours that usually attracts other people can quickly turn into arrogance when you aren’t willing to hear your companion’s thoughts and opinions. It’s either your way or the highway. Giving in to the wants of others doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, and it doesn’t steal away your power. Relationships are two-way streets, Leo. 


You sabotage love by overthinking and getting lost in the details. As an overachiever who strives for perfection in all aspects, you have incredibly high expectations of a partner, but the person you’re the most critical of is yourself. You’re so afraid someone will see your self-imposed flaws and imperfections, that you put up walls. The reason you keep chalking up potential companions as being “not good enough” is because you don’t want to get close enough to show them who you are. Remember that you can’t truly love without being seen.


Your problem is that you’re so in love with the idea of being in love that you overlook all the ways in which a person may be wrong for you. Romanticizing the relationship sometimes causes you to slip on a pair of rose-colored sunglasses. What happens is that you end up swallowing your own wants and needs in order to keep the peace. You become a version of yourself that you don’t recognize—someone who rationalizes away someone’s mistreatment of you. Until you stop fixating on the idea of someone—on their potential—you won’t find the emotional security you crave. 


You’re jaded, Scorpio. When it comes to finding true love, you’re your own worst enemy. You cling to the idea that everyone you meet will hurt you in the end. Even when you start getting close to someone, you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. So, you lash out, close yourself off, and leave before you get hurt. You don’t allow yourself to trust anyone enough to show them the real you—it would be like giving a piece of yourself away. Until you face your past emotional wounds, you’ll never make a genuine connection. You’ve got to let go of control and learn how to trust, even if it’s terrifying. 


You show love the door by failing to make room for another person in your life. As fire signs are prone to do, you’re resistant when it comes to compromise. This is the root of your commitment-phobia. You don’t want to give up your freedom for a relationship. Even the thought irritates you. What you need to realize is that adjusting your freedom doesn’t mean giving up your independence. You can still live the life you want to live and explore the places you want to explore—the right partner won’t stop you. Stability doesn’t mean boredom, Sag. 


You’re so afraid of getting hurt that you protect yourself by looking for flaws in potential partners. You focus on the smallest, most trivial of things and convince yourself that it could never work. For you, this is easier than actually allowing yourself to be vulnerable with somebody. Sure, things may not work out, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. The life and world you have built for yourself will continue to be solid after them. You can’t find the stability you crave in love without actually opening up. Someone out there desires a life like the one you have in mind for the future. 


You may be the humanitarian of the zodiac, but you don’t do well with interpersonal relationships. You’re closed off, emotionally distant, and struggle with expressing your emotions. You prefer to look at love from a logical perspective. If it isn’t easy, then you want nothing to do with it. Love is a verb and it implies action. Love is a conscious decision you have to make. It’s something you must work on. You need to put in a little more effort in emotionally connecting with other people to find that tender love you know you yearn for deep inside. 


Pisces, you let yourself get swept away by your wild and grand ideas of love. You keep falling for the wrong people because you lose yourself in the fantasy. You’re such a creative, sensitive, and loving soul. No one deserves true love like you do, but you keep laying it all out on the table for the same type of toxic partner. Because you’re someone who sees the best in people, you settle for those who aren’t worthy of your love. You tell yourself you can fix them, or that things will go back to the way they were in the beginning, and you hang on to the love story you’ve built in your head. It’s time for you to start going for a completely different breed. Look at your romantic history, and then date the complete opposite.