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This Is How Daylight Savings Time Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

It’s that time of the year again—daylight savings time is upon us, friends.

On March 12th, we will need to adjust our clocks and “spring forward,”—meaning we do “lose” an hour at 2 a.m. In exchange, we experience an extra hour of daylight, which will undoubtedly boost our spirits after the long winter months. 

Of course, even with this time of year marking the excitement of spring and warmer weather, daylight savings time can still often throw our regular routines into whack and take some time to adjust to, especially when a little less sleep is on the table. However, this year DST has some intriguing astrological weather surrounding it—but will this help or hurt us?

We are currently in the dreamy, idealistic season of Pisces, with the Sun making its way throughout the sign for the next few weeks. However, throughout the weekend (as well as the start of DST), both the Sun and Neptune (the planet of imagination, illusion, and dreams) will meet together in conjunction. Essentially, this implies some favorable collaboration between the things we desire and the things we’ve been dreaming about. Still, with all this Pisces energy together, it could, at times, cause some cloudiness on precisely what to do to bring those dreams to fruition. You may struggle to find significant clarity or a concise way to communicate these things, so it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. Additionally, Saturn has also entered the sign of Pisces and may try to aid us in cutting through the noise, but it might feel more like your thoughts and actions aren’t matching up, so don’t be afraid to take things slow.

However, another conjunction that will certainly affect this time is the meeting of Jupiter (planet of abundance, growth, and luck) and Chiron (the asteroid tied to unhealed wounds). These two are both meeting in the sign of Aries, and the implications point to a chance to do some serious inner healing work in places we may have struggled to do so. Aries has the type of go-getter energy to push us into this chapter, and the type of conjunction doesn’t happen very often, so it makes sense to take advantage of it!

With all that said, how will these events alongside daylight savings time impact each zodiac sign? Check out your sign below (Sun and Rising) to get an idea of what you can expect!


With the Pisces Sun and Neptune conjunction taking place in your 12th House of the Unconcious, you may benefit from paying attention to your dreams and intuition, Aries. You may feel out of sorts as you adjust to the new time, but don’t be afraid to pace yourself and take the time you need to reflect and recharge. Additionally, Jupiter and Chiron are also forming a conjunction in your 1st House of Self and Identity, which could be a great opportunity to focus on some significant inner healing. Long story short? Self-care is essential, so embrace it.


You may be losing an hour of sleep, but what better way to distract yourself from that than by meeting up with friends? With the Pisces Sun x Neptune Conjunction (not to mention Saturn) also in your 11th House of Friendship and Networking, you may be feeling the push to reach out and connect with your friends, particularly those you haven’t seen in a while. Using that extra hour of daylight to enjoy yourself with your loved ones can truly make all the difference!


Be sure your alarms are set (or set a couple, if you need them), because the last thing you need is to be late for work, Gemini! Pisces Sun, Neptune, and Saturn are all in your 10th House of Career and Public Image, so be sure to adjust your time and morning routine accordingly. Dreamy Pisces energy (especially the Sun x Neptune Conjunction) may have you feeling out of sorts when it comes to your work. Still, the important thing is to double-check yourself and the work you’re putting in because mistakes can be easy to make when you’re not paying attention.


This weekend may throw you off a bit time-wise, but shift your perspective a bit and try to incorporate new activities or interests to take advantage of that extra daylight! With Pisces Sun x Neptune Conjunction in your 9th House of Higher Education, Travel, and Philosophy, it’s a great time to dip your toe into something new that broadens your horizons a little. Plus, with Saturn also in this house, you may find that if you put in the effort to embrace something new, it could benefit you further down the line—so don’t let losing an hour of sleep deter you from a fresh start!


Restraint may need to be your focus during this time, Leo. With Pisces Sun x Neptune conjunct in your 8th House of Shared Resources, Bonds, and Intimacy, you could be feeling more exposed than usual. With the clock shifting back (and having to adjust your sleep cycle) this particular timing could lend itself to you saying or doing things that may seem harmless in the moment, yet could have some significant consequences (especially with those you’re close to). Take time to rest and think before you speak—with Jupiter and Chiron taking place in your 9th House, it could lend to healing in areas of your life where you’ve had trouble embracing or understanding others’ perspectives. Be open-minded; I promise it’s in your best interest. 


Be kind to yourself and your relationships over the weekend because they are what your attention will be drawn towards, Virgo. With Pisces Sun x Neptune conjunct in your 7th House of Relationships, emotions are running a bit high, so a little thoughtfulness can go a long way. Daylight savings may have you thrown off your rhythm a bit, but don’t hesitate to check in with your partner or your close friends and see how they are. It’s easy to assume things are fine, but it never hurts to double-check, right? 


This daylight savings time may be the perfect opportunity for you to jump-start a new morning routine, Libra. With the Pisces Sun x Neptune Conjunction taking place in your 6th House of Habits and Routines, this could be the push you need to refresh and try something new to start your day. Naturally, this could take some adjustment and commitment, but whether you are choosing to set aside some time to prepare for the day (or even get a little extra rest if you need it), the time change could be the nudge to set you on a different path to better care for yourself. 


This may be a time of uncertainty regarding what you want and how you create, Scorpio. With Pisces Sun x Neptune meeting in your 5th House of Creativity, Romance, and Pleasure, things could feel cloudy when trying to figure out what you actually want in relationships or in what makes you feel alive. Daylight savings time could throw you off a little more in terms of affecting your sleep and usual routines and serve as a reminder that while you can prepare for things, you can’t always control them. Using the extra daylight hours to recharge and replenish while you try to create and enjoy the world around you could serve as a better use of your time. 


With the Pisces Sun x Neptune Conjunction happening in your 4th House of Home and Roots, it’s safe to say that your home is where your heart and your mind are, Sagittarius. With daylight savings adding some extra sun-filled time to your day, it could serve as the refresh you need to change things up around your home, or to take time to make some plans towards what you want to do in this area. The Jupiter and Chiron conjunction in your 3rd House of Community could serve as a healing point for some old wounds you may have associated with your hometown or where you were raised, so giving yourself time to process and rest will work wonders for you this weekend. 


With the Pisces Sun x Neptune Conjunction taking place in your 3rd House of Community, Communication, and Siblings, you could feel the urge to reach out to those back home, or those in your local community, to reconnect. Additionally, though daylight savings may cost you an hour of sleep, it will give you an extra hour of daylight, so exploring your community and maybe visiting a place you haven’t before could be a nice change of pace for you, Capricorn. 


Now that Saturn has finally shifted out of your 1st House of Identity and Self, you’re likely feeling a weight lifted off your shoulders. Your 2nd House of Values, Income, and Possessions will be the focus with the Pisces Sun x Neptune Conjunction taking place there, which could point to letting yourself be a bit more idealistic than usual over what you value and believe in. Daylight savings may be something to adjust to, but could also mark a fresh start for you as well.


With Sun and Neptune both meeting in your 1st House of Self and Identity, daylight savings could mark as the perfect excuse for you to be a little more reflective than usual—take advantage of the general switch-up and spend some extra time pouring into yourself! Even if you need to sleep a little longer, it’s in the name of self-care, so it definitely counts! Additionally, with Jupiter and Chiron meeting in your 12th House of Hidden Secrets and Unconcious, you may experience more awareness surrounding repressed wounds and things you haven’t wanted to deal with yet—but don’t stress, because bringing these things to light is also what plays a big part in allowing them to heal.