Allegra Messina

This Is How You Show Up For Your Friends, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The clapback friend.

You’re the dark knight in the comments section. The quick draw on a snippy email thread. The passive-aggressive response in an instagram story. Whatever it takes to come to a friend’s defense, wherever injustice and pettiness occur. You usually wouldn’t dignify this kind of amateur behavior with a response, but when someone crosses the line by messing with your inner circle, the gloves come off. And poor whoever is on the receiving end, Aries, because you are a Navy Seal SWAT team when it comes to standing up for your squad. They’ll never stand a chance.


The friend who always apologizes.

Your friends know how stubborn you can be, Taurus. How you can argue all day because standing your ground is second nature. And even though you would never back down with an acquaintance, your besties know that when things get heated, you’ll be the first one to reach out and clear the air once you’ve cooled down. They won’t even take it personally after a while, knowing your passion has its benefits elsewhere, and your commitment to the relationship would never let a disagreement get in the way. 


The friend who books a standing happy hour.

You are the friend who creates a safe space, Gemini. The friend people can count on to be that regular presence in their life for conversation, for gossip, for pseudo-therapy. The important thing is that you’re there. While this quality emerges from your gravitation towards consistency and the need to organize your life, others perceive it as dependability and see you as the constant they can look forward to when things get tough. You are the cold beer in their fridge at the end of a long day. 


The “mom”.

Fight it all you want, Cancer, but know your friends bestow this title on you as a compliment. You’re seen as a source of wisdom, approachable on any topic, and known to herd a group of aimless flakes towards a unified goal. When people show up to the restaurant, they know the reservation is under your name. When someone needs a mint or a bandaid, it’s you they ask first. You know everything in life isn’t a quick fix, so you try to be prepared for as much as you can, and it gives those around you a sense of comfort.


The friend who introduces everyone.

You are matchmaker, recruiter, team coach, and party planner all in one, Leo. Your social circle is as wide as it is welcoming. You show up for your friends by opening the doors to everyone. You give your new friends a circle to join and liven things up for your old friends by bringing new perspectives into the fold. You know how crucial variety can in finding social fulfillment, and those closest to you drop your name when explaining the origin story of the relationships they are most grateful for.


The sour patch kid when it comes to advice.

You are an oracle to your friends, Virgo. People are both terrified and desperate to ask for your opinion. They know just how hard and blunt you can be. No one could give it to them any straighter. But they also know you’re self-aware and conscious of their feelings. So if the truth is going to hurt, you’ve got a list of compliments and affirmations queued up to soothe the pain. You never tear into someone uninvited, and your advice comes from a sincere place of love and concern.


The friend who digs deep.

You are the friend who picks up on the cues hidden within small talk, Libra. You know that when you ask someone how they’re doing, the response “okay” can carry hundreds of different meanings depending on how it’s delivered. You remember stories and comments from months ago and never forget to ask for updates. You make people feel seen on such a deep level. It can be overwhelming at first, until people learn to adjust. And once they do, they’ll start wishing more people took your approach to maintaining relationships.


The breakup bestie.

You are the first phone call in the middle of all the snot and tears, Scorpio. The one they want to talk to about everything before they’ve even figured out how it is they feel. But whether your friends are devastated, want revenge, or feel liberated, you are there to take necessary action. You can get their closet cleaned out, Instagram swept clean, dating apps up and running before news of their break up has even hit the streets. People come to you because they want the bonfire and know you’ve always got matches on you.


The one who teases everyone.

You’re the one who has a personalized nickname for everyone, Sagittarius. And while it’s guaranteed to not be flattering, your friends appreciate your innate ability to observe all their idiosyncrasies. To hold up a mirror and teach them to laugh at themselves. You know how to lighten the mood and find the punchline in any stressful situation. The laughter you inspire reminds people to breathe and allows them to let go of some of the tension they’ve been holding onto. 


The always-been-there friend.

You’re the friend who’s seen them in diapers, Capricorn. Who knows what field trip they peed their pants on and how awkward their first kiss was. You’re the friend people are nervous about, Capricorn, because if they were to ever become famous, you could technically make a killing on a tell-all. Luckily for most it will never come to that, but when your closest friends start dating someone new, they might opt to delay an intro until they feel ready for their person to hear all their most embarrassing stories straight from your mouth. To them, you’re more family than friend at this point.


The ally/witness.

You make people feel truly seen, Aquarius. You not only support their causes but educate yourself on the topic to become an even better listener. And your friends know your open ears and heart are always available to them. They know you can handle heavy topics and complex feelings. They know you can tell the difference between asking for advice and just needing to be heard. How respectful you are of boundaries.


The one who feels your feelings.

You’re not the one to hand someone Kleenex, Pisces, because it’s more likely you’ll be using all of it up yourself. Your loyalty extends beyond the bounds of just listening. You mourn for friends’ dead pets. You want revenge on those who have wronged them. You feel butterflies in your own stomach when they tell you about a good first date. Your ability to tune into other’s emotions allows you to sometimes identify them to your close friends before they’ve had a chance to dig deeper themselves.