Dominika Roseclay

This Is What I Hope You Know About Figuring Out Your Calling

If there’s a voice inside of you that’s telling you to go study everything that has to do with pandas, follow this voice. If you’re so damn interested in pandas and no one around you understands why you’re obsessed with them, it doesn’t matter, just follow this voice and go after your interest in them anyway. Learn everything you’re eager to know about them, because this interest was planted in you and only you and few others for a very good reason. 

There’s a reason why there’s a voice telling you to go after this thing. There’s a reason you’re so drawn to pandas, even if you have no idea why. I hope that by now, though, you understand that pandas can refer to anything in life that you feel strongly drawn to and feel a great urge to discover. 

Some people disregard this voice inside of them telling them to go know everything there is to know about pandas because they keep questioning their passions. Who can make a career out of studying pandas? And who even gets obsessed that much with them? They think, You can’t just do that with your life.. But here’s the thing: You can make a career out of pandas if you want to, and you can do exactly that with your life, because guess what? IT’S YOUR LIFE. You get to be whoever you want and do whatever you want. If they want to call you a weirdo for loving pandas so much, let them. If they tell you that you can’t do that, then show them that you can do exactly that. 

We feel lost most of the time because we tend not to listen to the inner voice inside us that tells us to chase the panda. We listen to other voices around us that tell us we can’t and shouldn’t. We listen to others who tell us to chase the guaranteed things that have many opportunities and many people working and studying in them, but no amount of safety from these things will satisfy your craving for what you truly desire, and none of them will shush this constant voice inside of you that tells you to chase this certain thing.

We pick the logical option most of the time in our lives because we seek safety over chasing our dreams. But I really hope that someday you can shush all these voices and listen to this one voice inside of you that has been guiding you to exactly what you should be seeking. I hope that for once, you choose the not very sane option in others’ eyes and go for the one they call insane yet sounds like the only right thing for you. I hope that someday you will follow your panda despite what anyone else might think or say.