Joshua Rawson-Harris

Top 5 Zodiac Signs That Will Break A Virgo’s Heart


These signs will go on exciting adventures and have lively debates. They’ll challenge each other in the best way possible and push each other to reach their fullest potential. However, Aries has a selfish side. Meanwhile, Virgo is a giver. They will do anything for their loved ones, and that’s exactly what will happen with this pairing. Virgo will drain themselves, trying to make an Aries happy. When they don’t receive anything back from Aries, they’re going to start feeling resentful. A Virgo might be the one to end this relationship, but they’ll still be heartbroken over the fact that Aries wasn’t able to give as much as they received. 


Leos want attention at all hours of the day. They want to be showered with praise and hear constant I love yous. However, Virgos show their love in simpler ways. They take out the garbage, do the dishes, volunteer to pick you up from the airport and make sure your back is always rubbed. Even though these signs might be crazy about each other, they will show their love in completely different ways. This can cause misunderstandings because they’ll both feel like they’re doing more in the relationship. If they don’t communicate their needs and intentions well enough, then Leo is going to leave them for someone who is more vocal with their love.   


Cancer can be the perfect match for Virgo if they play their cards right. After all, they’re both interested in settling down in a committed relationship. They don’t have time for games. They want real, intense, deep relationships. However, these signs could end up with communication issues. They’re both people-pleasers, so they’ll both make sacrifices to make the other person happy, leaving themselves unsatisfied. Plus, they both have a jealous side and are pretty possessive. They could end up isolating themselves and only having each other, which will make their breakup that much harder. They won’t have any friends left to help them through the pain.


Sagittarius and Virgo will have a steamy love life. Their chemistry will be off-the-charts in the bedroom. However, the rest of the relationship is going to be rocky. After all, these signs are looking for completely different things. Sagittarius want to be wild and free. They want the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and keep their options open. Meanwhile, Virgos want stability and routine. They want to settle down with someone special – and that person probably isn’t a Sagittarius. These signs will have fun for a while, but a Sagittarius will eventually take off. 


These two signs are going to have intelligent, stimulating conversations. They will fall in love with each other’s minds. However, there won’t be as much physical chemistry as they hope. They will want to move at different paces, and will struggle to satisfy each other. Unfortunately, they might not find this out until it’s too late. These signs work much better as friends. If they try to blossom their friendship into a relationship, they could both end up with broken hearts.