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What Each House In Your Zodiac Birth Chart Means

You’ve heard about your Big Three and the planets and their meaning in your chart, but what about the Houses?

We have Twelve Houses in our Birth Chart, each one associated with a different sign and providing insight into your personality, your past, your present, and your future.

Here are the Twelve Houses and what it means for you:

First House

The Self.

This is your rising sign placement. It’s who you are in the physical sense: your appearance, your general temperament, and your personality and attitude that are seen by others. By understanding what sign is in this House placement, you are able to understand who you are and how you are perceived.

This House corresponds with Aries.

Second House


This house rules security, values, personal possessions, and finances. It’s how we go about seeking security in this material world. By understanding what sign is in this House placement, you are able to grasp the ways in which you can find financial freedom and success.

This House corresponds with Taurus.

Third House


This House is the area of social and intellectual learning. It’s about communication and how we express ourselves to other people. By understanding what sign is in this House placement, you are able to honor this part of your life: how you build connections and communicate with others.

This House corresponds with Gemini.

Fourth House

Home and Family.

This House symbolizes home and family. It’s about nurturing spaces that make you feel loved, cared for, and safe — both physically, at home, and within your relationships. By knowing which sign holds this House, you can foster the relationships you have, deepen your roots, and face some deep emotions.

This House corresponds with Cancer.

Fifth House


This House is the place for romance, creativity and artistic expression, confidence, and playfulness. By knowing which sign is in this House, you can understand the things that make you feel good and fulfilled (whether that’s working on a creative project or having sex with someone).

This House corresponds with Leo.

Sixth House


This House is about our health, wellness, and daily routines. Our environment, our jobs, and our life choices all have an effect on our health. Knowing which sign is in this House is crucial for maintaining a self-care routine, having a good work-life balance, and developing beneficial habits that make you feel good from the inside out.

This House corresponds with Virgo.

Seventh House


This House sits directly across from the First House Ascendant and represents partnerships. It’s about friendships, romantic partners, family, and other important figures in your life. Knowing which sign is in this placement can help you foster and nurture these relationships.

This House corresponds with Libra.

Eighth House

Sex, Death, and Transformation.

This House is about life’s complexities: death, transformation, and sex. It’s about giving in to our desires, accepting the fate we all have (death), and making room for and being adaptable towards inevitable changes. Knowing the sign here can help you understand this placement better and how you go about life’s present and future.

This House corresponds with Scorpio.

Ninth House


This House is all about exploration in both a literal and intellectual way. It’s about exploration, education, and being curious about life. Knowing which zodiac sign is in this House can help you understand your wanderlust nature and encourage you to keep an open mind about different perspectives on the world in which we live.

This House corresponds with Sagittarius.

Tenth House

Social status.

This House is about public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements. It’s about how ambitious you are, and how you present yourself to the world within your career and image. Knowing the zodiac sign in this placement can help you understand the apex of your story, the work you will do in life, and the place you have in society.

This House corresponds with Capricorn.

Eleventh House


This is the House of social and intellectual security. It’s about friendships and humanitarian pursuits. Knowing the sign in this placement is crucial to understanding how you move forward and how you define your role within society.

This House corresponds with Aquarius.

Twelfth House


This House is all about the unseen. It’s about how we manage our emotions, where and how we face karma, and how we bury secrets and dreams. The zodiac sign in this placement can help you uncover how you manage the dark parts of life before stepping into the light.

This House corresponds with Pisces.