What Each Zodiac Cares About More Than Romance In Relationships

What Each Zodiac Cares About More Than Romance In Relationships


Boundaries. They don’t want you to push them to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. They want you to respect their wishes.


Friendship. They want to be able to laugh with you and bond with you over their favorite things.


Support. They want to know that they can lean on you, no matter what obstacles they face in the future.


Loyalty. They want to know that you aren’t going to stray or make them feel like they’re second best.


Validation. They want you to remind them how much they are loved and valued every single day.


Effort. The want you to put as much effort into the relationship as they do so they never feel like things are one-sided.


Communication. They want to feel comfortable telling you anything and everything – and they want you to do the same.


Compromise. They want to know that you’re always willing to see situations from their side and come to a fair agreement.


Trust. They need to know that you trust them to always do what’s best for you. They can’t handle doubts.


Space. They want to maintain their independence, even though they’re committed to you and only you.


Respect. They want to be treated gently, even in the middle of arguments. They won’t stand for a single rude word.


Intimacy. They want to feel like they know you on a deeper level, emotionally and spiritually. They don’t want any secrets.