What Each Zodiac Should Do Differently If They Want To Find Forever Love
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What Each Zodiac Should Do Differently If They Want To Find Forever Love


Aries, you need to stop being so impulsive. Stop getting into relationships with the first person who makes your heart beat a little faster and get to know them first. Figure out whether you make a good match on paper before you get too attached to them.


Taurus, you need to stop taking relationships so slow. Yes, you’re allowed to move at your own pace and should never let anyone pressure you into changing your mind. However, spending months texting with someone without ever agreeing to meet up could backfire. The faster you figure out if you’re compatible in person, the faster you can weed out people who don’t work for you.


Gemini, you need to stop swiping through dating apps to examine your other options. When you find someone worth knowing, someone you can picture making an actual commitment to, invest your energy into them instead of dividing it between other potential matches. If you want a serious relationship, you can’t keep having your eyes wander.


Cancer, you need to stop letting others string you along without any indication they want a serious relationship. If they keep feeding you lines about how they don’t like labels and want to stay unattached, a relationship probably isn’t in your future. Move onto someone who is open to the idea of dating.


Leo, you need to stop expecting other people to chase you. If you see someone you want, you’re allowed to ask them out. You’re allowed to make the first move. No, you shouldn’t settle for someone who puts zero effort into pursuing you, but you can pursue each other. It doesn’t have to be one-sided.


Virgo, you need to stop looking for someone who checks every single one of your boxes. No, you shouldn’t settle for someone who has different morals or dreams for the future. But you might not get someone who looks exactly the way you want and has the exact hobbies you want them to have. Be a little more open-minded.


Libra, you need to stop offering forgiveness to people who aren’t doing anything to earn it. Stop going back to your exes. Stop talking to crushes who go MIA every other week. You deserve so much better and if you’re wasting your time giving second chances to the wrong person, you won’t have time to focus on the right person.


Scorpio, you need to stop expecting other people to break your heart. If you make assumptions about them based on the way exes have treated you, then no one will get a fair shot. If someone has been nothing but nice to you, give them the benefit of the doubt. They might not be like the rest.


Sagittarius, you need to stop chasing after people who don’t want to be caught. It’s great that you’re willing to put effort into a relationship — but you need to do this for the right relationship. Putting effort into the wrong person won’t get you anywhere. It will only get you taken advantage of.


Capricorn, you need to stop telling yourself you’re better off alone. No, there’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s better to be by yourself than with the wrong person. But is it better to be alone than with the right person? Probably not. Give yourself permission to let down your walls when the time comes.


Aquarius, you need to stop pushing others away the second any small problem occurs. Give them the opportunity to show you what they’re like under stressful situations. Do they apologize? Do they right their wrongs? Do they change for the better? Every relationship has hardships, so what matters the most is how this person acts when everything is going wrong.


Pisces, you need to stop expecting others to magically change. Waiting long enough isn’t going to do anything if they have no desire to do better in the future. Look at their behavior, not their words. If they haven’t been treating you right, walk away. Don’t keep holding out hope for them when there’s more hope you’ll find love with someone else.