Mikhail Nilov

What Each Zodiac Sign’s Ruling Planet Reveals About Them

Aries: Mars

Mars is the planet of action and drive, which clearly holds a strong influence over Aries. Aries is a sign full of initiative and determination–which makes perfect sense given Mars’ association with war, passion, and ambition. They may have a bit of a temper, but they blow through it quickly, given their desire to move on to the next thing and not stay tethered to what’s already happened. They are determined to make things happen in life, and with Mars as their ruling planet, not much can hold them back.

Taurus: Venus

Taurus signs are known to be dedicated, indulgent, and aware of their value, so it’s no surprise that Venus is involved. Venus is the planet of love, attraction, harmony, art, and beauty–all significant to Taureans. Taurus signs truly embody the side of Venus that wants to make things beautiful, especially in a tangible way. While Taurus also cares very deeply about their connections to others and is exceptionally loyal in their commitments, they prefer to express their affection in material ways that can be observed and held in your hands.

Gemini: Mercury

Communication is a Gemini’s forte, and Mercury is the planet of communication–it’s a match made in heaven. Mercury is also known to represent intellect, the mind, logic, and reasoning, which anyone who has spoken to a Gemini knows are vital to them. Gemini signs are all for discussions and seeing the possibilities, as well as expanding their minds to learn new things. With Mercury ruling them, the focus is on the material rather than the distinct methods. They don’t care how they get the information–they just want it.

Cancer: Moon

While not a planet, the Moon still has its personal effects, particularly on Cancer signs. The Moon rules over our emotions, habits, moods, and unconsciousness–a great deal of our inner world. Cancer signs are often regarded as highly intuitive, both with their own emotions and others around them. They feel things deeply and tend to retreat into themselves and their comforts to reflect.

Leo: Sun

Once again, while the Sun is not a planet, its influence is far-reaching. Leo signs understand this more than most, given it is their ruling astrological body. The Sun is mainly associated with ego, core personality, and vitality–so what does this say about Leos? While ego is usually construed as self-centered, it’s mostly about understanding your core needs and ensuring they are met, something Leos feel a consistent pull towards. Leo signs tend to light up any room they walk into and aren’t afraid to shine when the moment calls for it. They are also full of life and energy and aren’t afraid to keep going to get what they want.

Virgo: Mercury

Mercury rules Gemini, but it also has a say in the Virgo personality as well. Mercury’s association with the mind, communication, and intellect are primarily at play here, but they show up differently for Virgos. They have a strong focus on communication, but the importance is more directed at a distinct purpose rather than conversation for the sake of it. Virgo’s also need to be intellectually stimulated but have particular ways they want it to go. Mercury’s desire for logic and reason resonates deeply with Virgo–they don’t want to waste their time on insignificant things.

Libra: Venus

Like their Taurean counterparts, Libra is also ruled by Venus. The planet of love, attraction, beauty, and art manifest itself in a more people-focused way with Libra. While aesthetics still matter a great deal, there is a distinct awareness of how Libra easily attracts and gets along well with others. They have a strong pull that draws others towards them, even if they aren’t trying to do so. While material aspects still show up in Libra placements (their style and their homes in particular), it takes a backseat to their love (in all its forms) with other people.

Scorpio: Pluto and Mars

While most signs have one planet that distinctly oversees them, there are a few that have two. Scorpio is most notably ruled by Pluto–the planet of death, rebirth, mystery, and even darkness. While that may not seem like the most lighthearted of subjects, Scorpios are right at home within the topics that others deem taboo. They prefer to get into the depth of concepts and aren’t afraid to explore the aspects of themselves that may be uncomfortable to most. Pluto tends to push for the end of what doesn’t suit us and begin anew, and Scorpios harness that power of self-awareness of intensity well.

While Pluto is the prominent ruler, Scorpio initially was thought to be ruled by Mars. Many believe Mars still holds a strong influence, and it’s easy to understand why–the planet of passion, aggression, anger, and war can be seen through Scorpio’s intensity and passion that rests just beneath their mysterious surface. The planet is also often associated with sex or sex drive, which likely contributes to Scorpio’s long-held reputation of sensuality.

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, philosophy, travel, and abundance–often noted as a planet influencing luck. Sound familiar? Sagittarius signs are usually hallmarked by their free-spirited and often optimistic outlook on life. They have a thirst for learning and expanding their minds and experiences–they don’t want to simply settle with what they already know. Jupiter is often the planet many look to when determining where they will luck out in life, and Sagittarius energy indeed does seem to carry a bit of luck with it in its constant pursuit of learning and discovery.

Capricorn: Saturn

The planet of boundaries, restriction, and rules, Saturn doesn’t mess around. It’s no surprise then that the sign it rules would also be strict and hardworking and adamant about boundaries they put in place. Capricorns are often viewed as workaholics who have to do things by the book and are incredibly hard on themselves. While this may be true at times, Capricorn signs ultimately manifest Saturn’s desire for structure and attention to tradition. However, not in a way that determines tradition is the only option, but one that asks us to look at what has worked for us and not discount it immediately for something new and flashier.

Aquarius: Uranus and Saturn

Like Scorpio, Aquarius also has more than one planet influencing it. Uranus is the typical body associated with Aquarius, and it makes sense–it’s the planet of innovation, rebellion, and technology. Aquarius is a sign concerned with the collective and how to make the world around us better, most notably by rebelling against current oppressive systems and changing things from traditional ideas. They are also known as exceptionally innovative and creative, wanting to immerse themselves in things not everyone else is often doing. They aren’t afraid to go a different route.

However, Saturn also holds some influence over Aquarian qualities. While Saturn and its strict observance of rules and structure may seem completely opposite of Aquarius ideals, there is certainly some overlap. Aquarius is also a sign that wants to expand their mind and lessons and will often invest their time learning what the current structures are and how they function. However, Aquarius is more concerned with dismantling what already exists and improving upon it rather than following the rules currently in place. Saturn lends its love of structure, but Aquarius is always ready to change things up when needed.

Pisces: Neptune and Jupiter

Pisces signs are characterized by their creativity, artistic expression, sensitivity, and daydreamy nature. Taking one look at their ruling planet of Neptune makes perfect sense where many of those traits originate. Neptune is the planet of intuition, inspiration, dreams, illusion, and even confusion. Pisces is swept up in the artistic dreamscape of the world we live in, preferring to stay in the daydream than reality. However, their deeply intuitive nature does tend to ground them and allow their connection to other’s emotions to impact them in a meaningful way. Though they can let their perceptions get the best of them and lose sight of things at times, they are bright, intelligent, and reflective.

In addition to Neptune’s influence, Jupiter has its contributions to Pisces as well. As the ancient ruler of this sign, it’s no surprise that Jupiter’s boundless concepts of optimism and abundance would also radiate from Pisces signs. Their desire for spiritual growth and insistence on giving multiple chances to others is a hallmark of Jupiter’s love for tolerance and experiences.