What Each Zodiac Wants More Than Anything After A Breakup (In One Sentence)
Maria Verkhoturtseva

What Each Zodiac Wants More Than Anything After A Breakup (In One Sentence)


You want a change, whether that means completely changing your hairstyle, getting a new tattoo or piercing, or adding more pieces to your wardrobe.


You want closure so that you can understand exactly why the relationship didn’t work out the way you hoped and don’t have to stay awake every night wondering where things went wrong and whether you could have fixed it.


You want a vacation in order to get far away from where your heartbreak happened and so you can remember that this world is so much bigger than it feels when you’re hurting.


You want comfort from friends who understand what you’re going through and aren’t going to judge you over your crying face or how long it takes you to heal from this heartache.


You want compliments and praise from the people who care about you, as a reminder that you do have worth and you aren’t as unlovable as your heartache is tricking you into believing.


You want a distraction because working on something you’re passionate about is a reminder that there’s more to this world than romantic love and relationship statuses.


You want time to adjust because you understand that feeling your pain is a stepping stone toward healing and you aren’t going to rush the process.


You want a listening ear so that you can rant about everything that’s been bothering you and get the frustration and anger out of your system in a healthy way.


You want to indulge in your guilty pleasures, whether that means watching sappy movies or eating your favorite dessert, because you deserve a treat in order to get through this tough time.


You want privacy so you don’t have to put on a performance in front of others and pretend you’re fine or answer a million questions about why the breakup happened.


You want space so you can process what happened on your own terms and get used to enjoying time with yourself again now that you’re going to be without this person.


You want a real friendship with your ex because you don’t see the point in walking away from someone that you love, simply because you weren’t compatible in a romantic sense.