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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Venus In Taurus

On March 16th, 2023 Venus will enter the sign of Taurus and will remain there until April 11th, 2023. It is a powerful placement for Venus since it is in domicile. Over the last two years, Venus in Taurus may have felt restricted from offering fruitful and abundant blessings because Saturn in Aquarius was squaring the planet. Nevertheless, now that Saturn is in Pisces, Venus and Saturn will be able to work together, giving us more poise, courage, structure, love, and purpose. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon signs.


There is more of a need for control and planning with this Venus transit. You are more in tune with the needs of the people in your life. If you are in a relationship, things seem to flow more comfortably with this transit, since Venus will not receive a square aspect from Saturn like in the last several years. You are more confident and will feel that communication comes easier during this time. Just make sure not to treat yourself too much by spending. Moderation is key.


A transit that will make things feel pleasant, since Venus enjoys being in your sign. During this period you might rekindle a love affair with yourself. Learn to value yourself and not settle for less, which are the lessons from this transit. This Venus transit can feel calm and productive, a prelude to your season when it begins in mid-April. The tensions from Saturn in Aquarius are alleviated as you shift your focus to new beginnings.


Venus in Taurus promotes relaxation and lots of reflection. Starting a good meditation habit or journaling during this time can help you release some tense feelings and emotions. As Mars gets ready to move out of your sign later this month, this transit allows you to slow down just a little bit and regain some new momentum. You will appreciate the gradual and steady flow instead of rushing like Mars wants.


During this transit, your sign will be receptive to all the positive things Venus represents. You will feel more outgoing and more determined with your objectives. It is a transit that gives you hope, fortitude, and courage. You can appreciate your strengths and reflect on your previous accomplishments. Venus in Taurus represents good things for you during this time.


As we all get comfortable with Saturn entering Pisces, we can enjoy Venus in its domicile after several years of the planet receiving harsh aspects from Saturn in Aquarius. You can visualize your dreams with much more confidence. The path seems clear now and you are tenacious in achieving your goals. Venus reminds you to stay grounded, go slow, and feel pride in yourself.


You will be enamored with Venus in Taurus, since it is in a fellow earth sign. Love can feel like a dream and you will develop a passion for learning, exploring, and understanding the world around you. Venus in Taurus can feel groundbreaking for you because it could ignite new passions and you can create some practical goals to get you where you desire. You fall in love with potential, your creative side, and the people around you.


Having Venus in Taurus can spark inspiration. With this transit, you are also unlocking your power within. There is a lot of learning associated with Venus that you could be receptive to, since Jupiter is in Aries allowing you to redefine your ideology and push boundaries. You will have a deeper appreciation for self-care and revamping your routines. There is a lot of self-compassion and motivation that can help you feel more empowered for the next month.


Relationship energy is potent with this Venus in Taurus transit. You are feeling romantic, compassionate, and a little bit creative. The imagination seems to flow with new ideas with all of the energy in Pisces and Venus in its domicile. You could feel adventurous enough to tap into this energy to create something you may have been too shy to start. Venus in Taurus gives you the confidence to build, master, and showcase your talents.


This Venus transit gives you the tools needed to stay motivated with the day-to-day, even if you have felt stressed. If you have too many responsibilities, this transit can allow you to feel less overwhelmed since you could feel the need to prioritize yourself. There is power in this transit because you want to focus on bringing a solid foundation that you can build on. Venus in Taurus inspires you to dream big while making moves to help you climb to the top.


There is playful and engaging energy coming your way with this Venus transit. Single Capricorns will experience some potential romances. Those in a relationship may feel their bond take on a more serious tone, elevating the romance to a deeper level. Venus in this sign takes love seriously and your views might adopt this ideology. There is no room for superficial connections as you seek something exciting but with growth potential.


As Venus moves into the sign of Taurus, you will be more appreciative of balancing work and home. Venus here will be able to collectively give us some gifts without feeling the restrictive aspect of Saturn in your sign. Crafting your dreams, setting powerful goals, and having the drive to go after what you want will come easier during this time.


As Pisces season comes to an end, you get to experience Venus in Taurus giving you comfort and control with self-expression. During this transit, you can connect with others with ease and are more confident asking for help when necessary. You are beginning your new chapter with Saturn now in your sign, which means you will be more methodical about your next steps. Venus in Taurus provides clarity and focus. You are ready to elevate.