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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before May 23


Timing can be everything, and just because right now may not be the right time doesn’t mean it’ll never be. Persistence is important, but sometimes patience is even more powerful. Learn to be okay with what you can’t have right now without giving up on it completely.


There are people in this world who need things that you have the power to give. Maybe it’s compassion, maybe it’s advice, maybe it’s a few extra dollars that could make a world of difference to them. Don’t be afraid to share your abundance—there is much to be gained in giving something invaluable away.


When a situation begins to feel like a broken record, it’s probably because you’ve fallen into a pattern, whether you recognize it or not. Evaluate the way you react to your environment and ask yourself if there is a better—or, at the very least, different—way. You can’t expect different results from the same equation.


There are people who will appreciate your softness, who you won’t feel the need to hide in your shell around. If you don’t agree, know that you just haven’t found the right people yet. Your sensitivity is a strength, so never let anyone convince you it is your weakness.


You’re allowed to love something just for the sake of it. Maybe your art won’t make you money; that’s okay, keep creating. Maybe you’ll never dance as well as you wish you could; that’s okay, keep dancing anyway. You don’t have to be the best or the most interesting. Nothing that sets your soul on fire will ever be a wasted effort.


Take some time to sit with your emotions. You can be the kind of person who would rather ignore your feelings or justify them rather than simply letting them exist. Remind yourself that whatever you happen to feel, it’s okay to feel it, even if it makes you feel weak or wrong or less than. I promise you’re not the only person who feels this way. It’s okay to exist in these thoughts, to feel their weight, as long as you remember to let them go.


If you’ve been holding a grudge, loosen your grip. Either find a solution to your problem or find a way to move on, because nothing good comes from letting the negativity build up inside you. You don’t “win” a conflict just because you’re stubborn in your righteousness; if anything, there’s more power in indifference.


Everyone’s battle is their own; you cannot fight others’ for them, and they cannot fight yours for you. But that doesn’t have to mean that you’re alone —there will always be people with similar struggles who will understand you, and people who love you who will want to support you, and strangers who will willingly extend their kindness. Don’t close your heart to them.


Practice compassion towards those you don’t agree with. Your first impulse may be to clap back, to rage, or to insult, but take a step back. If you can’t understand their point of view, ask them to elaborate. 


Who are you behind the mask? The truth is, sometimes you try so hard to conform to other people’s expectations—and to exceed them—that you lose sight of who you actually are. What do you want? Who do you want to be? If the rest of the world weren’t watching, how would you choose to live your life?


Be brave in your vulnerability. Say the words you’re afraid to speak. Admit a hard truth. Put a voice to your emotions. Make a risky confession. Sometimes you try to protect yourself from detaching from your emotions or bottling up your thoughts, but there is so much to gain from the risk. 


Be bold in your opinions. You can be so afraid of being seen as wrong or burdensome or difficult that you’d rather swallow your words than say what you really mean. But you are intelligent, and you are intuitive, and your thoughts are more valuable than you’ll ever realize. It’s okay not to agree with everyone else, but don’t stifle yourself just to fit in.