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What Gives Each Zodiac The Most Anxiety


Aries are the leaders in their friend group and family. They are always willing to host events and organize everything for everyone. The truth is the thing they get most anxious about are things not being in their control. They love organization. They love being prepared. They enjoy everything being exactly where it needs to be. But that isn’t the reality of life. Life is messy and does not always go according to plans and calendars. So the thing an Aries will get most anxious about is not being prepared for a situation. Something important to remember as an Aries is that things always do turn out okay. 


Because a Taurus is so driven and thrives when it comes to goals, the thing they get most anxious about is the prospect of not giving 100% or being the best at something. They give everyone and everything their all, so in those moments when they aren’t the best or they come in second, they internalize it, they go back to the drawing board, and they often look at it as failing, when in reality, they should be proud of the standard at which they live and the things they achieve. Despite insecurities that might drive such ambition is someone who really is enough and has done enough and deserves to be happy and content. 


A Gemini makes their career the most important part of their life and work so hard that relationships aren’t always their first priority. Just as they have high standards for the life they are proud to have built for themselves, they have those same standards in their relationships. This often leads to them being the one to end relationships if someone doesn’t tick every box they envision. Or they stop trying all together. The thing they get most anxious about is wondering when they will meet the right person. But something important to remember is making their career their priority is exactly what they should have done, because relationships might come and go, as they experienced, but their career won’t and the right person will value that too.  


Of all the signs, Cancers come with the highest level of anxiety. To put it simply, they are worriers. In their mind, anything that could go wrong will, any relationship that could fail will, any fight that might happen is bound to. It’s almost like they worry so much they almost manifest their anxious fears into becoming a reality. But an anxious heart is really someone who cares so much. An anxious heart is just someone who doesn’t want to hurt others, disappoint others, or make the wrong decisions. And to have a heart like that is something to be proud of. 


A Leo is someone who has the kindest, most considerate hearts. They are careful with words, knowing the weight they carry, and strive only to lift others up with theirs. The thing they get most anxious about is saying the wrong thing. But what they need to remember is we are all going to hurt people sometimes it’s just about how you make it right. And doing the right thing is where Leos thrive. 


A Virgo is their own worst enemy and toughest critic. They hold onto the mistakes they make like it is something written in stone. While kindest to others, they are meanest to themselves. The thing they get most anxious about is not being this standard of perfection they have in their mind that they should be. But the truth they have to remember is no one is perfect, even if they only look towards others seeing what someone else has that they don’t. A Virgo needs to remind themselves over and over again to be kind to the person looking back at them in the mirror. 


A Libra approaches life with a calm confidence. They have this keen ability to work a room, be the life of the party, and be liked by everyone. They feed off of their relationships and rely on those bonds to really lift them up in tough times. The irony, though, is they never want to be a burden to the people they care about, so they often take their troubles and try to handle it all on their own. So the thing they get most anxious about is not being that positive, upbeat, funny person who is always on. And playing that role can sometimes be exhausting, so it’s important for them to remember they are only human and it is okay to have off days. 


While Scoprios put up walls and have a hard exterior, the thing they are most anxious about is that they want and need to be accepted and liked. They appear like they don’t care but deep down they just want to be surrounded by people whose intentions are good and kind. Because they have been burned a few times, they approach new relationships and friendships with an anxious apprehension and fear that they might do something wrong to drive others away. But the truth is Scorpios are some of the most loyal people there are. It just takes finding the right people who see how valuable they are. 


Because a Sagittarius is so adventurous, enjoys traveling, and needs to constantly be on the move seeing the whole world, the thing they get most anxious about is the prospect of staying in one place too long or meeting a partner that forces them to slow down. Their idea of living life to the fullest is seeing as much as they can, meeting as many people as they can, and experiencing new things. What they need is someone who becomes their greatest adventure.


A Capricorn believes the two most important choices they make are who they choose to be with and their career path. They always choose something they love, knowing doing something they love will lead to success. They are the fastest to move up in their companies and see success on the other side of anything they set their minds to. They are workaholics but enjoy being like that. The thing they get most anxious about and what keeps them up at night is their to-do list and what they haven’t finished yet. They struggle knowing how to turn off and always want to be working. But the truth is no one can be on 100% of the time without burnout. Something they need to remember is they are only human. 


An Aquarius is another sign that relies heavily on how they feel. Their choices are both coy and careful, but they approach things and people really relying on how someone makes them feel. They are one of the best judges of character and can see through someone fake immediately. Many would consider them tough and hard to get to know, the truth is it just takes a lot of time to gain their trust. The thing they get most anxious about are rumors, gossip and their past mistakes haunting them and influencing their current reality. People are mean and they often judge someone before they get to know them and an Aquarius has experienced that. They are their own toughest critics—even if others forgive them for mistakes, they still feel a lot of guilt. But in anxious moments it’s important to remember the people who love and care about you, know your truth and you don’t have a thing to apologize for or prove. 


Pisces are one of the most emotional signs and are driven so intensely by the want and need to please others and make them happy. So the thing they get most anxious about is the prospect of friends and family getting mad and disappointed in something they’ve done and it resulting in someone leaving. They are overcome with the fear of saying and doing the wrong thing, so much so that they often apologize for things that they don’t always need an apology for. The root of this insecurity is a crippling fear of abandonment and people they love leaving. The thing they have to remember is the right people in your life don’t leave.