Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola

What The End Of April Has In Store For Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


This month you will be challenged to step it up for your love life, Aries. You’ve been holding back in some regard, whether it’s the risks you’re willing to take, the feelings you’re willing to communicate, or the effort you’re willing to put forth. You reserve certain behaviors for a level of commitment you’re waiting for instead of behaving in a way that will set the groundwork for your relationship to progress to that next level.


You need to take that leap of faith, Taurus. There are times where we need to think things through, where we need to prepare, when we need to be 110% ready, but now is not one of them. You just need to give this a try, to believe you deserve it, to believe it’s possible. It doesn’t matter how far along your relationship is, whether it’s just beginning or fully established. Something this month just requires a positive outlook and a little confidence. 


It’s time to get some answers this month, Gemini. You have given your love life so much effort, like every other area of your life, but it’s time to wait and see what happens. Like a high school science lab, it’s time to record the results, whatever they are, whether they match your hypothesis or not. If your feelings are reciprocated, it’ll be obvious, and if they’re not, you can stop making excuses. It’s time you had that clarity.


This month you give someone patience and understanding, Cancer, from a place of empathy. You are slow to warm up to others, and should feel it’s reasonable for others to take time to warm up to you. Wherever you are in the relationship, whether it’s the third date or the third year, you need to communicate with your partner to set your own timelines, instead of pressuring them by comparing yourselves to others.


It’s time for you to bond with someone close to your loved one, Leo. Whether you’re meeting this friend or family member for the first time, or simply need to go deeper with them, your partner will appreciate this effort, and getting to know their inner circle will strengthen your relationship. Open yourself up to that part of their life that you’re still getting to know about and see them through someone else’s eyes.


This month you’re happy, Virgo, and that’s not a warning sign. Even if it makes you nervous or puts you on edge, you deserve this happiness. Stability is a good thing. Emotional security is a good thing. Sometimes we just get to enjoy the results of all of our work. Sometimes things really are just this good. Happy and bored are two very different things, so stop being afraid to soak it up.


You will see someone in a new light this month. Whether it’s feeling butterflies for someone you never saw as a romantic partner, or falling in love all over again with your other half, you will come to see what you’ve taken for granted. Life gets busy, we focus on the negative so much sometimes that we miss the amazing things right under our noses. Try to turn this lesson into a mindset shift that stays.


This month you’ll say you’re sorry first, Scorpio. There is too much you could be doing to waste it on a stupid spat. Your ego will be fine, and your heart won’t be as heavy. You will learn to trust that you’re able to tell the difference between a minor transgression and a red flag. Forgiveness is not the same as letting someone walk all over you. Letting the small things go doesn’t make you weak.


This month you embrace nostalgia, Sagittarius, and let your past color your appreciation for your present. You will see just how far you’ve come in terms of putting yourself out there and communicating your needs. You will recognize the importance of someone who has been in your life over the last few years, whether they are a partner or someone you’re just beginning to see in a romantic light, consistency counts in a big way.


This month is all about excitement, Capricorn. The butterflies, the anticipation, the hype. You are reminded that half of the fun is the effort you put into your relationships. Deciding to have fun in the first place. Don’t underestimate your involvement in your own happiness, and lose yourself into the texts, the dates, the rendez-vous. You’ve already done the hard part by finding someone to share in it together.


You will observe someone closely this month, Aquarius. You are such an active force in all of your relationships, but sometimes the most progress is made when we do nothing. Giving someone space to process their own emotions, learning their habits and preferences just by watching, demonstrating trust and and respect by letting someone have their space are all important milestones in any relationship. It may seem lazy, but you’re doing the work.


This is the month you fantasize about someone you barely know, Pisces. The curiosity and infatuation take you on a one-way journey to the land of what-ifs. It’s okay to stay there, for awhile, it’s the place all relationships start out in. But eventually you need to test out your hypothesis and find out if this person is all that you hope and dream for them to be.