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Where You’re Holding Your Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


With a tendency to carry more than their fair share of hurt, memory, and tasks that are technically not in their job description, Aries feel stress in their arms. Not only is the weight of their life metaphorical, but it manifests physically as well. You can ease this pain by making sure to unclench your hands and stop bracing against invisible roadblocks. You can let your guard down.


Tauruses are no strangers to stomachaches. Their stubbornness paired with a predisposition toward anxious thoughts is the perfect formula for a mess in their belly. When stress is at the forefront of a Tauruses life, it only makes sense that it would live in the center of their body. Be cognizant of how you’re treating yourself in times of strife. You must take care of yourself, even when it’s hard.


Always on the go, bouncing from one activity to another, it’s no wonder that Geminis feel tension in their legs. Stress has two contrasting effects on the body: it makes you want to slow down, ease the tension, and relax, while also demanding that you finish everything on your to-do list so that the stressor can be put in the rearview. The key to moving on is finding a balance between the two.


There are a lot of things that can cause neck pain. Emotional stress is one of them, and since Cancers are prone to overthinking and overanalyzing their relationships, this often makes them the victim of a sore neck. The best cure, as always, is rest. Slowing down and being mindful of the way the body feels in the present. Knowing that worry rarely, if ever, can fix what’s wrong.


The jaw isn’t a place most people would claim to hold their stress in, but how often do you notice that the area around your chin feels tight and uncomfortable? Leos tense their face up when they’re in distress, not wanting to reveal any signs of weakness, which leads to a painful feeling of stiffness in the jaw. There’s nothing wrong with showing emotion, Leo. Keeping a calm exterior isn’t worth the effort.


Perhaps more than any other sign, Virgos have difficulty walking away from an unfinished task, project, or relationship. They find it hard to de-stress unless they’ve seen things through from start to finish. However, they also find it hard to de-stress at the end of the day, when their feet are aching from putting the pressure on themselves to figure it all out immediately. Virgo–you have time.


Feeling pressure on the chest is not uncommon for Libra. They have a reputation for being indecisive, but rarely is their emotional state taken into account–every choice, correct or otherwise, weighs on their heart. The stress of decision making and wanting to do good by everyone in their life is significant. It’s okay to care for others so deeply, but make sure you’re caring for yourself, too.


When Scorpios are feeling stressed, they’ll unconsciously tense up their body as if to withstand an attack. This is seen most in their hands, and by the end of a long, stressful day, there’s nothing a Scorpio likes more than to have their hands held and squeezed by a loved one. The easiest way to ease this hurt is to be more mindful of your body during the day. When you begin to tense, let go.


Sagittariuses know intimately the pain of a knotted back. Though they generally have a carefree exterior and attempt to replicate that feeling for others in their life, the stress of trying to juggle happiness with reality often manifests in knots and pain. One thing at a time, Sagittarius. It’s when you try to do too much at the same time that stress begins to creep into your body. Slow down.


Capricorns may not be the type to show you their stress, but they certainly feel it. Capricorns hold tension in their shoulders, which results in a stiffness that rotating and massaging just can’t quite get to. The easiest solution is to lighten your workload, but that isn’t always realistic. So, just make sure you designate social time with friends. Spending all your waking hours working or alone is bound to irritate your pain even more.


Ask any Aquarius and they’ll tell you how terrible their headaches can be, how they manage to suck all of their energy away and make them feel useless. Pain in your head is no joke, and nothing irritates Aquarius more than having to lay down and do nothing, not even watch TV or read a book, to recover. With so much on their mind at all times, it’s no wonder that stress migrates to the source.


It feels weird to say that stress can manifest as hip pain, but it can–ask any Pisces. Some days they just wake up with a stiffness in their body that’s impossible to shake or pop or crack out of themselves. Another sign that’s prone to overthinking, Pisces can get themselves worked up about almost anything, from almost any previous era of their life. Why subject your present self to pain that your past self has already worked through?