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Which Barbie Movie Barbie You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: President Barbie

Aries, your fearless leadership and dedication to your work make you just like the beloved President Barbie. You’re always ready to dive into new challenges, lead the way, and inspire others with your courageous new ideas. President Barbie is celebrated for leading a brilliant (and very pink) campaign that restores Barbieland to its former glory during the course of the film. Just like President Barbie, you’re never afraid to take risks in the name of progress.

Taurus: Model Barbie

Taurus, with your love for beauty and the finer things in life, you resonate with Model Barbie. Model Barbie is all about the latest new outfits – Model Barbies have long been used to show off Mattel’s unique fashion lines and celebrate new designs each year. This Barbie’s impeccable style reflects your own aesthetic sensibilities and comfort-loving nature. You understand the power of a put-together outfit and take joy in the art of fashion.

Gemini: Journalist Barbie

Gemini, your social and communicative nature makes you a perfect match for Journalist Barbie. Much like her, you thrive in social settings, effortlessly striking up conversations. Journalist Barbie is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who is famous throughout Barbieland for her work. Your natural curiosity and wit make you both the life of any event and the person most likely to lend an ear to anyone who needs it, just like Journalist Barbie.

Cancer: Doctor Barbie

Cancer, with your nurturing and empathetic nature, Doctor Barbie is your Barbie alter ego. Doctor Barbie cares for and supports all the Barbies in Barbieland, and you share her ability to help and care for as many people as possible. You love offering help and support to those in need, and are always there for other people no matter what. Just like Doctor Barbie, you put in the work to keep your social circle happy! 

Leo: Stereotypical Barbie

Leo, your flair for the dramatic and love for the spotlight aligns with Stereotypical Barbie. Like her, you’re confident, creative, and have a truly iconic sense of style. Everyone loves to be around you, and your bold and dramatic personality helps you be the life of the party. You’re never afraid to share your talents with others, and your confident personality combined with your generosity makes you most like Stereotypical Barbie. 

Virgo: Physicist Barbie

Virgo, your analytical and methodical approach to life mirrors Physicist Barbie. This brilliant Barbie represents your love for knowledge, detail, and problem-solving. Your practical and intellectual nature drives you to seek solutions and constantly learn, making you a natural in the world of discovery. You and Physicist Barbie are organized and driven individuals; Physicist Barbie is known for having won a Nobel Prize, and her achievements are recognized all across Barbieland.

Libra: Supreme Court Justice Barbie

Libra, your diplomatic nature makes you most like the iconic Supreme Court Justice Barbie. Just like her, you strive for harmony and balance in all areas of life. In Barbieland, Supreme Court Justice Barbie gets to call the final rulings of Barbieland’s Supreme Court (which, of course, is composed of all the Barbies). You and Supreme Court Justice Barbie have a knack for mediating and bringing people together, using your charm and tact to create peaceful resolutions.

Scorpio: Weird Barbie

Scorpio, you’re the much-loved and fan-favorite Weird Barbie. You have a deep knowledge of the world around you and the ability to read people with complete ease. Your transformative nature encourages those around you to seek out a deeper understanding of themselves, and you always seem to know exactly what’s going on no matter what situation you’re in. Like Weird Barbie, you’re not shy about expressing yourself and your beliefs, and, above all, want to connect with people authentically. 

Sagittarius: Writer Barbie

Sagittarius, your love of knowledge and philosophy makes you most like the optimistic Writer Barbie. Known across Barbieland as a best-selling author, Writer Barbie clearly has a way of connecting with her audience. You match her natural curiosity and spoken eloquence, and – let’s face it – the many experiences you’ve lived would probably make for a fantastic memoir. You’re dedicated to growing and learning (and probably have a habit of writing down the interesting things that happen to you), just as Writer Barbie is celebrated for her work. 

Capricorn: Lawyer Barbie

Capricorn, your ambitious and hardworking traits are embodied in Lawyer Barbie. You share her determination and drive to achieve every single one of your goals. In order to represent Barbieland, you need to be organized, hard-working, and dedicated to the causes you represent. Like Lawyer Barbie, your practical and disciplined approach to life ensures that you’re always ready to uncover the path to success.

Aquarius: Barbie Video Girl

Aquarius, you’re closest to the stylish and futuristic Barbie Video Girl. In the Barbie movie, Barbie Video Girl has a TV screen built into her back (which was originally built into her real-life doll as a usable camera). You and Barbie Video Girl are both innovators, and are definitely the most unique of the pack. You also manage to find new inspiration in futuristic technology, making you a creative visionary who has no problem standing out amongst a crowd. 

Pisces: Mermaid Barbie

Pisces, your artistic and imaginative nature resonates with Mermaid Barbie. This dreamy blue-haired Barbie can be seen enjoying the waters of Barbieland, perfect for an intuitive water sign like yourself. She’s got an artistic (and oceanic) style and is clearly great at self-expression – like you, her creativity makes her unique even amongst the other stylish Barbies of Barbieland. Your natural sensitivity and empathy also meaningfully connect you to water and the ocean, just like Mermaid Barbie.