Which Succulent Should You Bring Home Based Off Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Golden Glow

Bold, and ready to take charge in any room they are a part of. Aries don’t shy away from anything, and this houseplant doesn’t lack confidence in the slightest. Anybody who comes into contact with one of these, instantly has their days brightened!

Taurus: Zebra Cactus

Peaceful and grounded, Taurus’s always mean exactly what they say. Taurus’s will notice that their Zebra Cactus, is slow-growing and resilient in all seasons and temperatures just like them. Like the stubborn side of Taurus’s, this plant is also deep rooted

Gemini: Red Rubin

Just like Gemini’s are known to have split personalities, the Red Rubin succulent ranges with varying colors everywhere from peach to fiery reds and pinks. These succulents can grow up to 6 feet tall, and live best in stable ground, and very little change to its environment. Just like the Gemini, the red rubin is continually growing and works best with others around.

Cancer: Pencil Cactus

Cancers are peaceful, and empathetic beings. As dainty creatures who prefer old-fashioned “homey” decor, the Pencil Cactus is perfect for your laid back lifestyle. It’s also extremely low maintenance, and easy to take care of!

Leo: The Yellow Ice Plant

Just like a Leo these plants are flamboyant, charismatic, and always the center of attention. Leo’s love to stand out in their lives, and having a succulent that will match your personality needs to be perfect.

Virgo: Aloe Vera

Practical, caring, and highly intuitive is your average Virgo. Spawning throughout all of nature with her nurturing qualities, Aloe isn’t only a beauty, but the natural healing powers of aloe appeal to you as well.

Libra: The Crassula Rupestris x Perforata aka ‘Baby Necklace’

Libra’s are air signs that love all things orderly. These plants are the perfect buds for you. Each bud is gracefully aligned in a tight pattern that signifies balance and unity. Each succulent is a little bit different, however all patterns stay the same shape growing in all different patterns!

Scorpio: Prickly Pear Cactus

Just like a Scorpio, this cactus has a bit of charisma, which truly brings it to life. Each cactus has beautiful flowing leaves as sharp as a Scorpio’s personality. With a protective personality, when you get to know a Scorpio, you’ll realize just like these plants they just need nourishment to reach their fullest potential.

Sagittarius: Dragon’s Blood

Confident, and bright just like our fellow Sagittarius friends is the Dragon’s Blood succulent! Just looking at one of these beautiful plants gives us energy, and the sense of adventure that Sagittarius’s love. These blossoms are full of spirit, and love in every bunch.

Capricorn: Agave

Dependable, dedicated, and disciplined just like a Capricorn is the Agave plant. Not only do they add a twist of excitement and make tequila when they fully thrive, it also grows in conditions of hardship, and can power through, just like a Capricorn would.

Aquarius: Gollum

A bit outside the box, and unique is the perfect plant for an Aquarius’s personality. This plant is definitely different by design, so sticking to your classic ways of a green plant, with a little pizazz to spice up your home is the way to go.

Pisces: Jade

Jade is a gorgeous succulent that just like it’s water sign, is dependent on water to make them thrive. This beautiful plant attracts luck and friendship, just like anybody who is friends with a Pisces’s. Although you can be reclusive at times, having a plant like Jade around could help you seek your inner serenity all day long.