Which Tarot Card Represents You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Tarot Card: The Emperor

As a sign of leadership, ambition, and dynamic energy, Aries aligns closely with The Emperor. This card symbolizes authority, stability, and structure. Aries’ ability to lead others and act as an authority figure matches the depiction of The Emperor, which indicates that the querent is self-reliant and achieves success from their own efforts. The sign of the Ram’s drive and courage in forging their own path connects them deeply with this tarot card.

Reading: The Emperor encourages you to harness your leadership abilities, stand firm in your convictions, and remember that power also comes with responsibility. Reversed, you may struggle during an unusual loss of power or find yourself lacking stability. When attempting to regain power over your life, you might find yourself terrified of losing even the smallest bit of control, causing you to burn out quickly.


Tarot Card: The Hierophant

The Hierophant card mirrors Taurus’s appreciation for tradition, structure, and grounded spirituality. It represents morality and righteousness; the card may also indicate Taurus’s desire for comfort, safety, and routine. The Hierophant often advises learning and respects the importance of traditions. The card also offers the querent a future chance to better understand their own values and solidify a personal philosophy.

Reading: You are encouraged to seek wisdom from reliable sources. Stay true to your own values and trust in the paths you have been following. Reversed, you may find yourself tempted by bad advice or feel at odds with your loved ones, especially your family. You may also feel the desire to reject traditions you were once fond of and push away things familiar to you.


Tarot Card: The Lovers

Representing the need to make a choice, relationships, and duality, The Lovers card is a reflection of Gemini’s dual nature. Those aligned with this card may often find themselves making choices that sacrifice one part of their life for another; however, the rewards and deep commitment these choices bring are often regarded as being highly beneficial. The Lovers is a balanced card with two different yet complementary sides. 

Reading: Do not make decisions lightly; take caution and carefully weigh your options. Your romantic partnerships may strengthen, or you may find a connection with someone in the near future. Reversed, you may find your life falling out of balance and could lose yourself in the process. You may feel the urge to act rashly or find yourself unusually impatient.


Tarot Card: The Chariot

Symbolizing the ability to overcome obstacles and face challenges with natural ambition and determination, The Chariot matches Cancer’s tenacity and emotional strength. The Chariot card is also heavily associated with the Moon, Cancer’s ruling planet. The card represents a journey that will test the querent, but it will also give them the opportunity to overcome that which they are challenged with. 

Reading: Your resilience and determination will bring you success and victory in your pursuits. Utilize your ambition and desire to achieve what you are working toward despite the challenges you may face. Reversed, you may find yourself lacking ambition or unable to focus on your work; you may also begin doubting your efforts or feeling the urge to give up on what matters to you.


Tarot Card: Strength

The Strength card, also known as the Fortitude card, represents confidence, strength, and self-worth. The card indicates that the querent will overcome a challenge through their own strength of spirit. Leo’s bravery and natural confidence resonate strongly with the Strength card, as they face their challenges with the knowledge that their energy will carry them through. 

Reading: True strength comes from a balanced heart, body, and mind. You hold the power to resolve the obstacles you’re faced with; your strength of character will support you on your journey. Reversed, you find yourself lacking confidence and feeling uncertain of whether or not you’ll be able to pull through. You may find yourself failing before you even begin, feeling insecure, and questioning your abilities. 


Tarot Card: The Hermit

Virgo’s introspection aligns most with The Hermit card, which represents a time of reflection and self-searching for the querent. The Hermit is a card that advises looking within oneself to find answers; examining their soul will help the querent find the solution they’ve been looking for externally. Virgo’s keen eye extends to their own minds, allowing them to analyze and understand themselves deeply: an ability The Hermit would approve of.

Reading: The problems that you’re looking to solve can only be overcome when you look internally. Meditation and reflection are advised during this time; the answers you seek are within your own mind. Reversed, you may find yourself withdrawn from your support system and rejecting the help your loved ones try to give you. You may feel unwanted, out of place, and discontent with yourself.


Tarot Card: Justice

Balanced Libra finds their counterpart in the Justice card. Justice reflects the moral law of cause and effect; it chooses the most righteous path without hesitating. It represents fairness and balance in all states, and wields its power with complete certainty. Justice carries the same scales with which Libra is armed; both Libra and Justice symbolize harmony, truth, and resolution. 

Reading: Trust that all actions will eventually be met with judgment, regardless of whether you are the executor. Act with fairness and morality, and resolve conflicts with swiftness. Reversed, you will find yourself surrounded by untruthfulness; you may feel pulled to act dishonestly or find that injustices around you go unpunished. You may feel that your life is turning out to be unfair or that you are off-balance while others around you remain unaffected.


Tarot Card: Death

Death, though imposing, does not represent actual death. Instead, it is about change; a querent with the Death card may see the ‘death’ of something they have been holding onto: typically relationships, hobbies, or professional interests. The card also indicates new beginnings and the transformation of self; one can only grow through change, after all. Scorpio’s knack for self-reflection and transformation aligns them with Death as they seek their own rebirth after every major challenge they face.

Reading: It may be time to let go of something you have been holding onto. Though this may cause upset and concern, the transformative power you seek is waiting for you. Let go of the old to make space for the new, and decide what knowledge you want to take from this ending. Reversed, you may end up holding onto something that no longer serves you, delaying your self-growth and inhibiting your sense of worth. You may also fail to have an understanding of yourself, causing you to feel at odds with who you are.


Tarot Card: Temperance

Sagittarius’s quest for knowledge and balance is mirrored in the Temperance card, signifying harmony, moderation, and synthesis. A querent receiving suggestions from the Temperance card may be seeking guidance in their life from the divine or attempting to connect with their own spirituality. Sagittarius’s connection with themselves and the world around them aligns with this representation. Temperance brings hope and balance, resonating with Sagittarius’s own personal philosophies and reminding them to moderate their search for adventure.

Reading: Find the middle path, integrate opposites, and move forward with balance and purpose. You may be faced with the option to make risky decisions and extreme choices; opt for the in-between to avoid throwing your life out of rhythm. Reversed, you may find yourself feeling impatient and off-kilter. You might feel the urge to act rashly or make decisions you would not normally make; you may feel as though your life is moving too slowly. 


Tarot Card: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles represents ambition and financial success; like Capricorn, the card indicates the querent will achieve their goals. Capricorn is responsible, disciplined, and dependable, all of which are traits represented by the King of Pentacles. Hard work and high achievements are the bounties the King of Pentacles brings. 

Reading: You are likely to find significant returns on your financial investments or come into new wealth thanks to your past achievements. You may feel a surge of ambition and desire to complete several new projects; this ambition may also help you overcome issues you’ve been struggling with. Reversed, you may find yourself acting materialistically or overly concerned with your finances for vanity’s sake. Your personal relationships may be affected by your lack of drive and sudden untrustworthiness.


Tarot Card: The Star

Aquarius most aligns with The Star card, representing hope, inspiration, and serenity. The Star brings signs of new opportunities, matching Aquarius’s vision for the future and humanitarian nature. As its name implies, The Star is heavily intertwined in astronomy and the wider universe, which Aquarius may feel a pull to at times. Aquarius tends to be a philosophical sign with a deep knowledge of their own values, which The Star card reflects. 

Reading: You may find yourself with renewed inspiration and sudden hope for the future. You are likely to return to past projects with new ambitions; future opportunities are likely to present themselves to you as a result. Reversed, you may be faced with the realization that you have missed key opportunities; you may feel upset with yourself and as though your failures are insurmountable. This can lead to a sense of hopelessness and a lack of motivation. 


Tarot Card: The Moon

Pisces connects deeply with The Moon card, which represents both illusion and intuition. The Moon is a key element of the subconscious mind; when a querent seeks guidance from The Moon, they may be struggling with something that they cannot yet consciously recognize. Pisces, a sign with strong intuitive abilities and a vast imagination, may find The Moon card resonating with their sense of self. The Moon is a sign of something that must be resolved within; external issues that appear unrelated may be caused by subconscious fear. 

Reading: It is time to resolve something that has emerged in your unconscious mind; you will have to self-reflect and trust your intuition in order to pinpoint what is affecting you. You may be faced with uncertainty and distrust during this time, but the resolution you seek is ahead of you; you will have to accept the truth and work with your subconscious to find clarity. Reversed, you may find yourself with strange dreams or unwanted nightmares; your subconscious may struggle to resolve itself, resulting in a lack of sleep. You may also find yourself realizing what has been troubling you subconsciously; this may help to ease your conscious worries.