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Why Each Zodiac Has Been Feeling Unsatisfied With Life


Pisces has fallen into a perpetual state of disappointment. Reality isn’t living up to their expectations or their desires. They’ve checked out, finding so much of their day to day pointless and unfulfilling. They take all the frustration out with 報復性熬夜, which translates to “revenge bedtime procrastination”.


Aries is carrying a chip on their shoulder. They feel personally wronged, and won’t be satisfied until they have a chance to exact their revenge. Nothing will feel right until they feel the playing field has been leveled in some way. They want to feel order reestablished, and the pendulum swings in both directions.


Taurus is tired to doing the same tasks time and time again without seeing results they deem “worth it”. If the reward isn’t worth striving for, they don’t want to strive. They’d rather kick back and enjoy the smaller pleasures that appear more readily available. They feel they’ve been taken advantage of and sold a lie.


Gemini has had it. If one more person asks them one more favor, they will literally explode. Their calendar, their mental and emotional capacity are at their max. They have no more room to take on any more responsibility, and still feel they will never see an end to their in-basket.


Cancer feels no one can match their candor. Everything seems too fake, too curated, too manicured to have any substance. No one has met them on their level of honesty and transparency, and it’s left them feeling isolated and alone, but they refuse to join the crowds if it means sacrificing their integrity.


Everything has lost its shine for Leo. The same parties, with the same people and the same gossip. They’ve spent too long at the top for its appeal to hold the same meaning anymore. They are like Felix giving a tour of Saltburn, unimpressed and aloof. 


Success isn’t what Virgo wanted it to be. They put everything they had into becoming number one in their field, but still aren’t satisfied. They want more, but don’t know where to find it. They weren’t planning on having to take things any farther. This was supposed to be ‘enough’.


Libra has run out of places to search for happiness. They’ve invested in their career, their families, friendships, their health, hobbies, and spirituality, but everything still feels incomplete. They can’t figure out what’s ‘missing’ in their lives, having seemingly done it ‘all’.


Scorpio feels they’ve run out of challenges. Everyone is too easily seduced, impressed, convinced, and won over. They’re waiting for that one person to come along and resist their charm, to make things difficult. Anything that comes too easily is worth very little in their book.


Sagittarius is bored with their surroundings. They rarely ever want to stay in the place they’re currently in. They need change, adventure, and diversity. Anything that seems ‘normal’ equates with uninteresting. They want rarity and intrigue. And god forbid they go looking for that in a chain restaurant. 


The system feels broken to Capricorn. They were promised a certain level of fulfillment if they just played by the rules. They could expect to make it farther, reach heights that came with worthwhile perks, but instead they’ve found nothing but never-ending stress. 


Aquarius can never fix it all. Their bravery and empathy have given way to defeat and fear. The problems they once tackled head on now seem to have no clear solution. They no longer trust in their ability to make a concrete difference. The world feels no better off with their efforts.